Insults the Blackadder Way

As my family knows, I LOVE Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean and Blackadder. I could watch these over and over again. The humor and sarcasm is so special. I wish I could use these as well as Blackadder does. I am surrounded by Baldricks though. Happy)

There is a compilation of insults somewhere but the woke likely had YouTube take them down. Sad

The F Word

The Hill's Global Symposium for this year was held online yesterday and today. Everyone had to present remotely. One speaker is a co-founder of Brief Media which produces Clinician's Brief magazine. She mentioned at one point about how people don't like to use the F word. Not the one that seems to capture bad language attention but F for Failure. We focus too much on our failures and try to avoid any yet it is often through failures that we learn how to do better. I hate to focus on failure too, I certainly have done enough in this area yet as I will mention in the Winn FIP Symposium webinar on April 30th, it is through failure of treatment that we learn more about how to treat disease better. We's love to but we can't win every time in our lives.

Sadly though it seems that in this day and age of social media, any presumed failure or disagreement that is considered a failure from the perceived norm is treated savagely. Failure is not allowed to be a learning experience but an experience to destroy that individual. This is unfortunate and I hope will change but I don't expect it will anytime soon. This challenge of COVID 19 pandemic is bringing out the best and worst in people and as it goes along, it promotes more of the worst above all else.

Long time, No Posts

I can see it has been about 2 1/2 years since I did a post. I stopped due to time and also some difficulty publishing the posts every day. I guess we shall see what happens when I try to restart. I do want to do this again.
We are starting the second month of safe at home due to the COVID 19 pandemic problem. Oregon is not as severely affected with numbers of cases and deaths due to the virus. You wouldn't know that listening to our Governor. She needs to give a better description to people in this state on a date she is hoping to allow more businesses opening. This is harmful to the economy of this state.

Well, enough for the moment. Let's see if this will publish as I hope it will and I can get back to doing more for my personal benefit.

Starting Up

Unfortunately I have taken a 9 month hiatus from blogging daily.

This is not what I wanted to have happen but with the pressures of working almost every day, I seemed to let time slip past me.

Maybe it was good for me to take a break and think about what I need to do i my life. I have been experiencing more of a need to do what I enjoy most - learning, photography, crafts, and yes...keeping this blog up to date. I will give it my best effort.

A Coastal Birthday

A cold day in the Valley but a sunnier yet cold day at the Oregon Coast. We headed on our for Lincoln City to shop at the outlet stores and eat at Kyllo's in Lincoln City. We enjoy the seafood there and it is consistently good. It is so nice to get away from home and work even for part of a day.

The pass and trees were covered with snow coming back from Newport to Corvallis. It was spitting snow in Corvallis and cold at home but the roads were not bad.

Here I get to enjoy some sparkling wine at Kyllo's to celebrate. Good food, fun times.
vicki-birthday-coast-top 1-2-17

Bob's meal: Crab stuffed halibut on potatoes. It was very tasty looking. I had fish and chips along with a Oregon hazelnut and blue cheese salad with small shrimp. Yum.


Happy New Year and a New Start

Due to a large amount of work on my plate, I have let my blog slide. I had been until part of 2016 good at placing one blog piece each day for a number of years. It does make me feel sad that I have not kept this going the way I had planned. I can only try to do better for 2017.


How to Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastinating can be one of my worst habits. I had to read and keep this article on ways to avoid procrastination when you work from home as I do. My main way is to jump in and get going. This article is helpful in how to avoid getting caught in the sinkhole of email or other tasks to the detriment of others.
Here it is, how to avoid putting off to tomorrow what you could do today.


In spite of working at trying to keep up a daily entry for the past 2.5 years in this blog, I have had to accept a forced hiatus from putting my thoughts and different informational items here. For some reason, my website software refused to export and publish my daily musings. There are still glitches yet I have gotten the site back to publishing but only by dropping or deselecting 1.5 years of entries. I am hoping they will have the kinks worked out soon and I can placed the other entries back with what is what will show on my site. It has been discouraging to say the least.
I may slowly go back and fill in the gap with interesting topics and musings. I have enjoyed doing this, actually much better than Facebook since it is my creation, not just bits and pieces placed in someone else's software media that makes them money.


Back at home again and working through a list of tasks to accomplish. Adder decided to run off yesterday and did not come home. Sending an email shout out to the neighbors brought about a call from Shirley Adams and her comment that he showed up at their house at 11 pm last night. Silly dog! He is all sore and tired today.

Unknown Topic

This was a previously unpublished blog page. I'm not sure what happened to create the gap so I am completing some comment on this date.

A Blog Gap

This date page is a previously unpublished page in my blog. It likely came at the end of our fun and glorious trip to Boston, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, and Prince Edward Island.