Sunset on Cloudy

May was pretty much a dry month for this area and June has been more wet (more rain inches) than average. We have had a lot of cloudy days and some with wind and thunderstorms. I did catch this intriguing sunset photo with color and clouds over the Berlin Ridge area. The sun was going down fast before I could make it on the back deck. I love how the Fire Station is muted in the foreground and the single trees stand out on the ridge. This can be a beautiful area to catch weather changes and how the countryside shows its imagery.


Sunset Today

The sky was very colorful off to the west tonight past the garden and trees. Very striking.

Sunsetting On My Day

Some days start out great and one can feel happy. They can turn on a dime and not end up being a happy day at all. My day today was very much sensated.

People, Beach, and Sunset on Coast

Spending the night at Lincoln City. The sunset was pretty cool and I was able to capture it with the small Nikon camera.


Sunset Anniversary Style

A sunset photo I took the evening of our anniversary. The sun was setting quite uniquely in the West. Lots of cloud shapes and color.


With the new IPhone I have, I am trying to use the camera when possible just to test it out. I don’t think the quality is nearly as good as a camera. It does offer convenience to shoot when it is handier than having a camera. I got this photo as we traveled down the I-5 freeway coming back from Albany at sunset time. It was a gorgeous sunset with lots of red color over the mountains. It would have been nice to get a still photo though stopping along the road probably is not a good idea.........too many reckless drivers.