Watermelon Girl

I was able to capture this photo of Vada eating a watermelon piece offered by her Dad. She loves fruit and vegetables like her boy cousins. She is so cute with her baby bird look here.


Bestselling Books and Birthdays

I am all up for trivia. Not that I am very good at it compared to many people. A lot of how I feel about trivia relates, of course, to my specific interests. Since I do read a lot and download Kindle books from Amazon, I get their book newsletter weekly. The one from last Friday had an article about what was the bestselling book from the year you were born with the list going back to the 1920s. Not a category I had come across in my readings.

Here we go…

My birth year of 1952:

The Silver Chalice by Thomas B. Contain

This historical fiction novel follows a silversmith named Basil tasked with creating a silver chalice to hold the Holy Grail. Two years later, a film adaptation was released starring Paul Newman as Basil in his first studio role.

Bob's birth year of 1953:

The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas

Ten years after first topping the Publishers Weekly list, The Robe once again took the crown. Written by a former minister, The Robe follows a Roman tribune, Marcellus Gallio, and his slave, Demetrius. Stationed in Palestine, Marcellus participates in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but is filled with guilt over his belief that Jesus is innocent, and eventually becomes a devoted Christian himself. This book was also made into a movie starring that Welshman, Richard Burton.

Plant Rising From Dead

I admit I am not good with plants. No green thumb it seems. They tend to die. I am better than I used to be yet no gardener.

Last year we had an empty large container that needed a plant and to be put near a flower bed. I found one I liked at Bi-Mart and planted it. The plant seemed to be dead, either by too much sun or over the winter by cold. It was dried brown dead. Instead of pulling it and tossing away, Bob trimmed it back. This plant rose from the dead like Lazarus and has come back even more beautiful than before.

We will have to give it some more special attention this winter. Right now it is near the greenhouse. Maybe kept inside the greenhouse? It is nice to see life come back to this pot and the plant inside it.


Dressing Up Bigly

Lots of fun last week with watching Vada two nights of the week. She loves trying on big people's clothes, example PaPa's, to see if she can go out on the town. Check it out!

Vada-dress- up-8-3-20
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