Wildlife Quilt

I finished the Wildlife figures quilt started for Victoria. The image panels had eagles, deer (a buck), bear, owl, fox, and other images. It is quite colorful and was relatively easy to do (except for the binding which needed one side to be hand sewn). I'm not sure what will be my next quilt project. I will have to take a break to determine what is doable as I am getting busier with other tasks.

Napolean Dynamite Redux

It is interesting to live in a household where it is a majority of men - husband and 2 sons - who love to quote lines from favorite movies. One of the top movie favorites for them has been Napoleon Dynamite. They love the humor and often quote lines or scenes from it. I think in many ways it is a "guys" movie though I have run into women who like it too.

So it was with fascination that I came across this article related to the 20 year anniversary of the movie and where and how it got made. It took just $200,000, a town like Preston, ID, and shown at the Sundance Utah film festival. I will include the link to the
Deseret Times article and hope that one can access this without a subscription. Read and enjoy!

<“Napoleon Dynamite” may be a movie about a tater tot-loving, tetherball-playing teenager who befriends the new kid and grapples with his awkward uncle (now streaming on Hulu!), but it also tells a bigger story: what life is like in rural America. It’s a story that Idaho residents have differing feelings on and dozens of out-of-state residents have traveled to investigate.
So, how does it hold up 20 years later?>>

Mary Todd Lincoln

I have long been a Abraham Lincoln fan and admire his speeches and writings. His wife's story is fascinating and she has had controversial coverage in history. This following information is not something I have come across in the past. She was also courted by Stephen Douglas, the man most associated with Lincoln in his rise in politics and to the Presidency.

While Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas famously sparred in a series of debates for a U.S. Senate seat in 1858, they also competed for the affections of the same fiery Kentucky woman some 20 years earlier. After moving to Springfield, Illinois, in the late 1830s, Mary drew the attention of promising suitors like Douglas, then a rising lawyer and politician. However, the ambition and charisma of the "Little Giant" wasn't enough to win her over; when Douglas asked for her hand in marriage, she reportedly replied, "I can't consent to be your wife. I shall become Mrs. President, or I am the victim of false prophets, but it will not be as Mrs. Douglas."

Bees Have Jobs

What can we learn from the internet about bees…

Wild honeybee colonies vary in size, but the average hive managed by human beekeepers includes anywhere from 20,000 to 80,000 bees, so it makes sense that these productive creatures have their own version of a chore chart. Each bee has its own role: Queens can lay thousands of eggs per day, while the worker bees cycle through various roles depending on their age. Some act as architects — using their wax glands to build honeycombs and more — and some will become foragers, who leave the hive to scout for nectar. Some bees even have the job of insect undertaker, removing dead residents to keep the hive clean and healthy.

Bees are also mostly female. Bees can be incredibly cooperative. Those that live in hives (like Apis mellifera, aka the honey bee) work together to build their homes, produce honey, and perform other necessary tasks. But most of these jobs are assigned to worker bees, who are all female and greatly outnumber drones, who are male and don’t actually do any work.

Ice World

We have been stuck at home for the past 4 days due to a weather event. With a small bit of snow mixed in, we started with ice pellets and/or freezing rain during that time. The trees are swaying and groaning. Some may fall at some point. We will start warming today, plus or minus another ice storm for this afternoon. We are on the edge of it happening here or maybe not.
Here is a photo of the world across from our deck to the mountains. One can see the iced up trees standing starkly. An Ice World.

Four Corners

There’s only one place in the U.S. where four states meet.
Want to try being in four places at once? Then get thee to the aptly named Four Corners Monument, which marks the intersection of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. It’s the only place in America where so many states converge, which is especially impressive given that there are 65 spots where three states meet.

Bob and I have been there when we made a trip up to Northern Arizona from the Monument Valley area and into Southern Utah. I guess you could say we stood in all four states at one time. They have a number of Native American merchandise stalls since the Navajo Nation maintains the site.

IMG_20130512_0071 copy
Vicki at Four Corners

IMG_20130512_0070 copy
Bob at Four Corners

The Stretch

We drove over yesterday to Seaside OR. We stopped at the Convention Center which is a nice facility to visit the CFA cat show put on by the Emerald Cat Club from Vancouver, WA. It was busy yet not as much as the one held last month in Albany. Not as many vendors. The weather was cold and wet with snow on the pass headed to and from Seaside back to Portland area.
We watched a number of the judging sessions though it is nice to see the household cat judging. I have included a picture of the Best Cat selected in the household cat category. This cat was rescued and brought to Oregon from Atlanta. He was quite cute in behavior. After the announcement he was "best cat", he laid down to take a rest. Shortly after he decided playing with the cat wand toy was worth a stretch (see below).

Haunted Cemetery

Interesting story to pop up in a daily local news feed…
Could a cemetery here in Oregon truly be haunted or is it just a myth, superstition?

Among the many haunted places in Oregon, one stands out as particularly terrifying: the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. This cemetery, located in the small town of Lafayette, is said to be cursed by a vengeful witch who was hanged there in the late 1800s. Here is the story behind this haunted cemetery and why you should avoid it at all costs.
The Hanging of the Witch
According to legend, the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery is haunted by a woman who lost her life after being accused of being a witch. Apparently she wasn’t too happy about this, and stuck around to haunt the cemetery and the people of Lafayette. The witch part of the equation has since been debunked, but the clarification is just as gruesome.
he Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery is a place of horror and mystery, where the dead do not rest in peace. The story behind this haunted cemetery is terrifying, and so are the experiences of those who dare to visit it. If you are looking for a thrill, you might be tempted to explore this cemetery, but be warned: you might encounter more than you bargained for.
Story here.

New Year's Day 2024 and Wildlife

Happy New Year for 2024! The deer and the turkeys are enjoying the opening day.
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