Interesting Factoid

Here is an interesting little tidbit about the second-in-command of a submarine who saved the world on October 27, 1962. It was the Cuban Missile Crisis and the world was on edge. The wrong move would have set many areas on fire.

“50 years ago, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, second-in-command Vasilli Arkhipov of the Soviet submarine B-59 refused to agree with his Captain’s order to launch nuclear torpedoes against US warships and setting off what might well have been a terminal superpower nuclear war.”

Read the rest here.

Conspiracy Theories Debunked

I downloaded a few days ago the book, “A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination”. It seems to be starting off as a well-written read and interesting from its perspective of information lost or suppressed. Much of this information lost has fed into the development of conspiracy theories. Here is an article that debunks the most persistent of those theories. From that article.........

“Then, one day, I looked up the footnotes in those books, most of them leading me to the multivolume hearings of the Warren Commission. I was shocked. The authors had taken witnesses’ statements out of context, distorted them beyond recognition, and in some cases cherry-picked passages that seemed to back their theories while ignoring testimony that didn’t. It was my first brush with intellectual dishonesty.

There’s no space to launch a full rebuttal of the conspiracy theorists. (It took 1,632 pages for Vincent Bugliosi to do that in his 2007 book Reclaiming History.) But it’s worth recounting the conspiracy buffs’ arguments that I found most persuasive—and why they collapse under scrutiny.”

Losing JFK 50 Years Ago

Here is my recollection. I was in 6th grade when someone from the school office came in to tell our teacher that President Kennedy had died. My teacher, Mrs. Walton, then shared the news with us. The reaction was much the same as for many all over the country and world............shock and incredible sadness and loss. I remember riding the school bus and being one of the few who supported Kennedy against Nixon when talking about the election with other students. Yes, we were interested even in those young years. I remember all the concerns about his Catholicism. They held the anniversary memorials today at Dealey Plaza in Dallas and at Arlington Cemetery near Washington DC.

Books (and articles) have been written and will continue to be so written. One recent article that was interesting about Oswald and his interest in Castro can be found here. Another article discussing the connection the author had with President Kennedy and also Lee Harvey Oswald is found here. Her book is called Marina and Lee and should be a good book to obtain.

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