Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day has opened this morning before 6 a.m. with a beautiful sunrise that has a bit of color to it.

While it is always great to be at home and share Memorial Day with family and the local community, I have always said that the best Memorial Days spent are in Washington D.C. In spite of all the ugly politics, to visit the Memorials honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice is beyond special. Time at Arlington Cemetery with the changing of the Old Guard to reading the special tributes written by family members to their lost loved ones at the World War II Memorial is a memory that will always linger.

Here is an article describing some of the tributes to Medal of Honor recipients found in Powerline. Just one version of how this special holiday can be viewed. Below is a picture from a trip to Arlington Cemetery to watch the changing of the Old Guard.


The Falling Man

Today is the 15th Anniversary of the horror and attack to our country on 9-11. One of the most iconic images and the story behind it was of The Falling Man. More on this unforgettable story here.

Memorial Day 2015

As many people have commented while approaching this holiday, Memorial Day is more than just a holiday. It is a day of remembrance, honor and service. This came home to me in prior years when Bob and I had the opportunity to be in Washington DC on the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We saw Rolling Thunder come into the city. We went to the War Memorials and also Arlington Cemetery. One cannot forget being there and the importance of these places after having gone.
I came across an article that discusses our soldiers, their sacrifice and our disconnect from understanding their heroism during war…………especially our Medal of Honor recipients. The article can be found here on Powerline, the best blog out there on the internet.
Speaking of Arlington Cemetery, a place never to be missed in one's lifetime, the history of origin of this fascinating and humbling place can be read here.


Memorial Day

The family all met down at the Lebanon IOOF cemetery yesterday to place flowers on the graves there. I have photos of the site that I will probably save to show in later years’ posts. Nicolas was curious about the headstones and who were the people associated with them. First Scott, then Grandpa Bob, and then I told him of his new found great and great-great grandparents he had acquired. The cemetery is always so beautiful yet solemn at this time of year.

Here are more photos from Washington D.C. and remembrances of honoring the dead and remembering the fallen.
From an Ace of Spades blog post………..

I have seen this ceremony more times than I can count. I never cease to be humbled by it, by the sentinels of the 3rd Infantry Regiment, US Army at Ft. Meyer. The Old Guard. 21 steps. Hurricanes. Snowstorms. Or the brutal summer heat in Virginia.
This tomb will always have a guard.

Vietnam War Memorial, 2007
“When I was a kid (1984 or so), we visited the Vietnam Memorial. I remember my dad searching for his fallen comrades. He looked in the book, found the panel, then I remember him tracing the names with his fingers, tears in his eyes.”
Read the full story here.

Memorial Weekend Memories

If one cannot stay home and enjoy Memorial Day weekend with family, I believe one of the best and most special places to visit is Washington D.C. on Memorial Weekend. Watching Rolling Thunder ride into town. Well over 60,000 people on motorcycles roar onto D.C. streets. I will never forget watching these big men in leather jackets, looking tough and serious while shedding a tear at a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery. Everyone should experience Memorial Day at this hallowed area at least once. It is unforgettable. Another spot that caught my heart was then going to the World War II Memorial and reading the testimonials left behind by sons or daughters written to their beloved fathers who served in that war. In memory of what military service people mean to us, please read this story here and also watch the video here. Please consider thanking a military person for their service at the next opportunity. They deserve our respect.


Arlington National Cemetery
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