Abbott and Costello

Hey Abbott

The cream of the crop, the ultimate is the Who is On First Routine of Abbott and Costello. My ultimate favorite and will put a smile on my face every day. Please watch the ultimate comedy routine at some time when available (copyright issues) with exquisite timing. One can also find on YouTube the “This is Your Life, Lou Costello” episode with host Ralph Edwards from 1956. Ah time flies!

Hey Abbott 2

It is another day, another dollar. At least to Lou Costello as he tries to have Bud Abbott explain what Lou is getting paid. I am sure we all feel this way in this day and age when taxes are going up and paychecks are getting smaller. Enjoy the funniest pair around, as demonstrated by another pair of actors since Universal won't allow the original routines to be viewed. Pre-Seinfeld days.

Loafing-"You Didn't Build That" Redux

Having a sense of humor is so important. Especially in the current times where there is so much hostility, control, and nastiness. Abbott and Costello are the best of the best for me. “Whose on First” is the utimate comedy routine out there and my favorite. I watched their movies when I was a child whenever I could and will still set aside time to do so. One routine that seems to have escaped my purview was one they did on “Loafing”. It is hilarious and seems to fit in today’s world well with the problems with jobs, the economy, dependency by some Americans, and the lack of respect from our Administration for job creators and small business. Please watch the video and enjoy! (videos are under copyright and not viewable)

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