Annapolis Royal

Second Tapestry

Here is the second historical tapestry at the Fort Royal museum.........

Over 100 volunteers worked together to design and stitch these tapestries covering the history of Port Royal for the Acadians and Fort Anne for the British influence.

Tapestry at Port Royal

I am back to reading the book, “A Great and Noble Scheme”. The section covered now is just prior to “Le Grand Derangement” in 1755. The Acadians had a rich life in that they enjoyed their families and farmed the surrounding land well. It is unfortunate that this lifestyle was caught between the continental tug of war and colony interests of the English and French with religious connotations tossed in. As we toured the fort museum, we were able to view beautiful tapestries of their history by Acadian descendants. As you can see from the photo, the colors are outstanding and very rich. This would be wonderful in any setting.


Annapolis Royal Sojourn

Bob and I have been staying at a B and B in Annapolis Royal area of Nova Scotia since Saturday night. It has been difficult to get the computer to access the internet so I have not been able to write on the blog as much. Hopefully, while in Halifax I can catch up. We are having a great time and there will be lots to share.

For a taste, I will post a picture of our B and B, A Seafaring Maiden, in the blog for the day.

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