Cape Arago and Coos Bay

On this day we headed north to Coos Bay to see the area west of that town and visit the state parks, beaches, and the lighthouse there. It was another warm day with sun. How spectacular can that be! We found the community west of North Bend very depressed economically with many abandoned buildings. The state parks and beaches were not crowded and were lovely to visit. Great to come back to with the rest of the family.
Cape Arago Lighthouse

40th Anniversary

Today is our 40th anniversary. What a milestone and miracle. I remember worrying about making our 25th due to concerns about my health. We did it. It started a beautiful morning with the sun shining brightly in Bandon. What a perfect day for photography! Here is my earlier morning photos of the Coquille Lighthouse with the sun from the east highlighting it.
Coquille Lighthouse at Bandon

Bandon to Brookings

We had not spent any time on the Southwest Oregon Coast so that was our trip this holiday. We got into Bandon at about 9 pm last night in the midst of coastal fog, mist, and rain. We had a nice motel lined up by Table Rock. Our room was spacious and comfortable, called the Anniversary Room. Lovely, bright red and gold furnishings.
After a nice breakfast, we headed south to make Brookings, the last town on the Oregon coast before California. One highlight was stopping at the oldest lighthouse in Oregon, built in 1870, called Cape Blanco. The day before this, the weather had been foggy and misty. One could not see the lighthouse from the gate area below. The Langlois (pronounced Lang-less) and Hughes families were keepers for the lighthouse. They raised families there in bad weather and isolation.
Cape Blanco Lighthouse

More in Lighthouses

Here is another version of a light house as we approached Prince Edward Island on the ferry.


Lighthouses are Cool

One thing we saw a lot of on our Maritimes vacation were Lighthouses. There are a number of lighthouses on the West Coast, especially along the Oregon coast. There are a number of books about the history of the lighthouses. I love their look and it was special to see so many different functioning Lighthouses around Nova Scotia and PEI.


Wine Tasting and the Acadian Coast

July 2 was a very pleasant day of sightseeing. We drove west and south to visit the Bear River community. It is developing into a wine area and we stopped at Annapolis Highlands winery. They have a Pinot Gris that is good and different from a Pinot Gris made in the West of the United States. It is a bit more tart, less sweet than an Oregon wine. After a great lunch at My Dream Cafe on the Bear River (and it is on, since part of it is on stilts in the river), we drove down the Acadian coast.

One pretty stop was the Gilbert Cove Lighthouse on the way to St. Bernard’s. It was interesting because we watch a seagull harass a Bald Eagle near the lightlhouse.


St. Bernard’s has the largest stone church in North America. It is very large and impressive from a distance. While visiting, a young Acadian girl came to see her brother at the church and started practicing her violin. I got 2 great clips of her playing. It was very special and she was lovely and very good at her craft. The church is renowned for its acoustics and many international artists have played there. I would say the acoustics are special.

Eglise’ St. Bernard

About 5-7 miles further down the road is another large wooden church at Church Point. This is a very unique church with many wonderful stained glass windows. It has a wonderful story and the interior walls are lined with canvas. The following is an example of the church and then its stained glass.

Eglise’ Saint Marie

One of the 20 odd stained glass windows.

Last but not least, the full moon over the Annapolis River at high tide. What a beautiful sight!


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