We bought the girls a hammock each to hang between the tree forest next to the house. They seem to enjoy hanging out in the hammocks. Vada loves swinging in hers, Victoria not so much. I caught a photo of them through the office window where they were spending time with their other grandparents dog, Samson. Nice to have a warm summery day.

Hammocks smallHammocks small

The Trees

Bob's long hoped for project of having our approximately 20 acres of Douglas Fir trees thinned to provide health and growth for the rest of the trees is finally done. Roughly 42 truckloads of trees were hauled from our property. It does look vastly different to look through the forest and see more daylight. Yet from a distance looking at the hillside at a slant, it still looks like before where there are still lots of trees. It took about 2 weeks for the loggers to do the work.
The following is a photo showing an edge of the log pile to be trucked away and how the forest looks as thinned.

Sun, Clouds, Snow and Trees

Another overnight snow storm though not as heavy as the last one. We did get some early morning sun peeping through the clouds to backlight the snowy Douglas Fir trees. It was a lovely sight to see and photograph!
Sun clouds snow trees small

Tree Cutting

Scott wanted a tree cut down behind his house. The chainsaw artist, Bob, brought his chainsaw and ear muffs and brought the tree down alongside the canal. Timber!!




Moon Through Tree Tops

The weather has been more volatile lately, cloudy and rainy with wind and then broken clouds to sun. Not much as far a summer here yet. I did go out on a recent evening and was able to see a partial moon through the tops of the trees. I think these trees next to the house on the southeast side are about 30 feet taller than they were 15-16 years ago. At some point I won't see the moon in that position due to the trees. It did come out as an interesting photo though.


Frosty on the Trees

It has been cold with frost on the ground and trees often. For some parts of the day, we sit in fog though it is better since yesterday afternoon till now. One can look at the trees and see the frost on the tops of the Douglas fir trees on tops of hills, buttes, and mountains.


Trees At Twilight

Thunderstorms off in the mountains to the east. The sun streaming from the west. I caught the Douglas fir trees glowing in the twilight.

Fire Prevention

Our Neighborhood Watch had a meeting tonight on Fire Prevention for here in the country where we have a lot of forest land around us. The weather has been very hot and dry lately. Chad Calderwood of ODF came and spoke to us. Good information and it seemed to go over well with the neighbors. Interesting thing is that they had to leave right after to deal with fires from lightning strikes with a storm just passing on the edge of us. I tried to get photos but no such luck.

Some History of Paper Making

Another trivia question is about why paper yellows and becomes more fragile. Paper came to be made out of wood pulp, a mix of cellulose and lignin. Both can oxidize a bit and therefore, discolor. Acid-free paper which lasts longer for more important documents has much less lignin in it. They do not deteriorate so quickly. To learn more about the history of how paper came to be and how it is made can be noted here.

Flaming Trees

The sunrise was quite unique this morning where the sun "peeked" through the edge of the cloud cover over the eastern hills and mountains. It created a flaming look to the sky and behind the Douglas fir trees. Quite spectacular.

Tree Moss

At this time of year due to the rain, one sees a lot of moss covering the trees, rocks, and fallen stumps. It becomes a very colorful green. I was able to capture this moss-covered tree at the edge of the South Santiam River.

South Santiam Area

We left for Bend Oregon yesterday, stayed overnight, and returned today. It snowed in the mountains and on the passes overnight. I could not stop well for pictures of the area though did get some with the camera phone. We did stop on the side wood bridge at Fernview Campground next to the South Santiam River. I got some wonderful colorful photos of a creek nearby and the trees and rocks at this time of year.

Tree Damage

I went out at the end of the snow and ice storm to document the tree damage around the house. The worst and most obvious are the 3 branches lost from the west side of the cherry tree. This tree is most likely older than me and maybe close to 100 years old. It can really produce great Bing Cherries. It is sad to see it damaged. It is majestic to me and provides a lot of shade to the house and that part of the garden. It acts as a corner piece of established garden in relationship to the house and garage. This photo is from the IPhone. I have others taken with the Nikon. I should get a view from the driveway since the damage is more striking.
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