Napolean Dynamite Redux

It is interesting to live in a household where it is a majority of men - husband and 2 sons - who love to quote lines from favorite movies. One of the top movie favorites for them has been Napoleon Dynamite. They love the humor and often quote lines or scenes from it. I think in many ways it is a "guys" movie though I have run into women who like it too.

So it was with fascination that I came across this article related to the 20 year anniversary of the movie and where and how it got made. It took just $200,000, a town like Preston, ID, and shown at the Sundance Utah film festival. I will include the link to the
Deseret Times article and hope that one can access this without a subscription. Read and enjoy!

<“Napoleon Dynamite” may be a movie about a tater tot-loving, tetherball-playing teenager who befriends the new kid and grapples with his awkward uncle (now streaming on Hulu!), but it also tells a bigger story: what life is like in rural America. It’s a story that Idaho residents have differing feelings on and dozens of out-of-state residents have traveled to investigate.
So, how does it hold up 20 years later?>>

Various Shakespeare

I mentioned Blackadder insults a few days ago. Now it is to get more highbrow with Shakespearean insults.
"When Hamlet refers to mankind as the “quintessence of dust” he acknowledges that while we are human, we are also just dust."
If you want to be insulted more, just check out this story of the best Shakespearean insults here.

At the same time, one can get some good online source information on Shakespeare. This is a piece of analysis on lectures given by Paul Cantor at the University of Virginia. This sounds interesting and well worth checking out! Go

Insults the Blackadder Way

As my family knows, I LOVE Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean and Blackadder. I could watch these over and over again. The humor and sarcasm is so special. I wish I could use these as well as Blackadder does. I am surrounded by Baldricks though. Happy)

There is a compilation of insults somewhere but the woke likely had YouTube take them down. Sad

Airplane Jokes

The family loves Airplane movies and jokes. Now they have had a panel rank the humor, jokes. I don't think I agree. How can you downgrade the phrase, "I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue." See all the rankings here.

Amazing Survival Stories

I came across this webpage today about some of the most amazing stories people have of survival in bad circumstances. They overcame adversity to live when others may have died or did die.


In all of the writing I need to do for my current work, Bob and I talk a lot about wording. He commented the other day that we both have a propensity to overuse prepositions. Then the next day here comes this comic.

Deep Thoughts from Cats

Here is a web page with a lot of fun photos to laugh at "cat thoughts". Enjoy!

Andy Kauffman Equals Elvis

I came across this link to old video of a sketch on the Tonight Show of early Andy Kauffman. About 2 1/2 minutes in he switches to doing Elvis Presley. Or is it Elvis becomes Andy? Funny and great memories. Nicely done by Andy who died too early. "Tank you veddy much!"

Bob Hope, Entertainer

Growing up and during many formative years, Bob Hope was the entertainer who signified entertaining for the military troops overseas or the MC of the Oscar night show. I also loved the earlier movies he did with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamarr. They were frequently shown on the few TV channels we would get out of Portland through the TV antenna. Could one call him the Entertainer of the Century? I would think so since he lived a long and productive life entertaining. A biography has been written of his life and accomplishments. To read the book review and learn a little more about him, it can be found here. He was a funny guy and could put you in stitches.


Once and awhile a person comes across a quite off-the-wall, a bit humorous, unique piece of news. This information struck me as a bit of Monty Pythonesque satire even if true. What leaps to mind is the term from MP of “I fart in your general direction”. Certainly gaseous related humor finds a home in the Thayer family, even the female side. I remember going to Las Vegas with my mother and grandmother and listening to a Los Angeles radio station and the Tom Lykus program. He spent an hour having people call in about what were the grossest things the people had seen or experienced. One story was about a farting episode referred to the Birmingham Blunderbuss. More detail could be covered yet some delicacy must be maintained.
So a Frenchman has developed an anti-flatulence pill or at least one to make them smell like roses. His reason is explained with the following and more detail occurs in the article.

“65-year-old inventor says he came up with his range of indigestion tablets after he was "nearly suffocated" by the smell of farts”

John Cleese Speaks or Is It Basil Fawlty

There is no doubt that one of the people I enjoy mightily in the humor and acting side of life is John Cleese. His TV show Fawlty Towers was the best, the number one comedy in Britain. It is a gem.

He has just written an autobiography that should be interesting. There is an explanation for the “dead parrot” sketch in the book. That would be worth the price of admission or buying the book. Unbelievable that he just turned 75. Makes one feel old, though watching his humor makes one feel young. Happy Who else can maneuver those silly legs for “The Ministry of Silly Walks” in Monty Python? More about John Cleese here.

The Princess Bride

Some movies make “cult” status, sometimes quickly, other times over time. “The Princess Bride” is said to be of the latter category. It is certainly one I enjoy to watch and it has one of the most quoted lines from any movie in it. Mandy Patinkin delivered it. Patinkin is a wonderful actor and singer. One of my wishes was to see him perform and I did finally get to do so in San Francisco a number of years ago. He was smaller than I expected and pale (probably due to stage makeup). He did put on a good show. All I can say is read Cary Elwes book about the movie and read this article about it all. INCONCEIVABLE!

Fawlty Towers Dining

One of my most favorite TV shows and also the funniest is the British TV show, Fawlty Towers, starring John Cleese. It was voted the funniest of all TV shows in 2000 in Britain. Little can touch the sarcastic humor there. What a hoot. Now people have found a way to bring it to you by way of offering a Fawlty Towers dining experience show. It has traveled the world though mostly seen in the UK. You can find out more about the show and the schedule.

Eleven Best Monty Python Moments

I am sure everyone who is a Monty Python fan has their best moment of the group, maybe more than one. Here is a compilation of someone’s top eleven moments. I have enjoyed pretty much all of them though I have to say I am particularly fond of The Cheese Shop skit since I am a big lover of cheese and would truly hate having someone keep telling me they are out of all my favorite cheeses.

Outdoing Monty Python

There is always someone in the world who has to take Monty Python humor beyond the its limits. Example: the person who built a fart machine formed into the shape of buttocks and aimed toward France from Britain. Well, they have fought a lot of wars over the centuries between the two countries so I guess the animosity could still be smoldering. Read about it here.

Quien Es Mas Macho?

It is always good to laugh. Good humor is hard to beat and so much a life saver at the same time. The earlier days of Saturday Night Live was gold. A lot of good comedians came from that time period. I came across this video skit from SNL that included the great Bill Murray, the wonderful Gilda Radner (Bless her soul), and heart throb Ricky Nelson. It is a hoot and displayed the superb talents of Murray and Radner in timing and sense of humor. Ricky Nelson is along for the ride, the straight guy. Enjoy the show!

Monty Python Skits

I came across an article tonight be a writer/blogger who told the story of how Monty Python saved her life. Probably more on the figurative side versus the literal. The insight into human nature is definitely amazing along with being just plain funny. The point of her article is that the three best sketches to her are probably not the funniest. I know some of my favorites are the Cheese Shop, the Dead Parrot, and the Ministry of Silly Walks. The second sketch on her list is also one a thoroughly enjoyed for the repartee between John Cleese and Graham Chapman. The dialogue is crisp and one can sense the frustration of being up against bureaucracy. It is called The Argument and they are good at arguing. Check it all out here.

Cats and Traps

Cat humor is some of the most viewed and funniest (especially if you are a cat lover) stuff on the internet. ICanHasCheezburger is one spot and CatsLOL is great also. They just seem to blithely and elegantly do things we least expect them to. Could we sit in boxes with such dignity as if this was our throne? Put out a box or a paper bag and the cat most likely will be there. If one wishes to consider them a trap, not severely so, just a way to humor us and our cat friends.




Monty Python

Was Monty Python irreverent? Were they revolutionary? Led to the collapse of normal life? They certainly were funny. Which ones are your favorites? The Cheese Shop? The Spanish Inquisition?
The Ministry of Silly Walks? Here is a take on the subject that the best of Monty Python were not always the funniest. I still think these are funny.

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