We bought the girls a hammock each to hang between the tree forest next to the house. They seem to enjoy hanging out in the hammocks. Vada loves swinging in hers, Victoria not so much. I caught a photo of them through the office window where they were spending time with their other grandparents dog, Samson. Nice to have a warm summery day.

Hammocks smallHammocks small

Our Girls

The girls, Vada and Victoria, wanted a picture a few days ago taken with Grandma and PaPa.
They were hamming it up for the picture. They are growing up fast.


Signs Rejuvenated

Scott and Olisha found a number of older signs on the property from prior times. They cleaned up and refurbished them to where the signs look closer to new. They certainly stand out. Scott took a photo of the signs placed on the new garden fence and can be seen as people come up the driveway. Background on each sign:

Thayer Copper Sign - was given to me by a cat owning client in Walnut Creek, CA who came to see me at Civic Feline Clinic. The nameplate he said came from the C.A. Thayer sailing ship located in the Alameda harbor. He had done work on the ship and acquired the sign. He gave it to me and we have had it located on our front deck here on Berlin Rd. since the new house was built.

Lansberry-Wolfenbarger "The Bonanza"- was a sign that was made and bought at the Oregon State Fair. It was the name of our 1 acre property and cabin located on Day Rd. In LaPine OR. This was a special getaway spot for my parents and maternal grandparents who bought the property and built the cabin. There was a lot of hunting and fishing recreation in that area.

V.L. Thayer, DVM - was a sign made for my first location at Civic Dr. for Civic Feline Clinic in Walnut Creek CA. The practice is still operating though on Broadway Dr. in Walnut Creek. It was a profitable and still is growing, active cat practice. I am so proud of what I did and it has become.

Party Birthday Party

We had a combined birthday party for the girls on the 27th. A number of their family friends from the Robbins Way neighborhood came to share presents and play on the playground structure. The playground and pool got a work out. The Yellowjackets made their presence known (got stung on the back of my right arm). The snack food was good and a wonderful time was had by all!

Playground Structure Fun

Today got up to a record 91 degrees F. This was about the second or third at least 70 degree day so far in 2023. It has been a cool and wet spring so far. It felt wonderful to soak up some sun and heat for a change. We got the playground structure completed just in time for this nice weather. The girls already enjoy it.


Upwards To 170 Years

I am finally going to take the initiative and explore getting a Century Farm designation for our piece of property. I am a direct descendent of Joab Powell's 4th son, Peter Powell. The family migrated from Missouri to Oregon in 1852. Peter Powell applied for a donation land claim in this part of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We have 40.2 acres remaining of that claim as a descendent. I have located the coordinates on a geographical map and will explore with the city and state to get more information toward an application. For now the information on a deed map of our property is:

Sec.36 T.12S. R.01W W.M. 
Linn County, OR (MAP !2 1 W 25)

S.W. Cor. A. J. Alley CT. 4431
Interior Corner of Peter Powell NOT.2507

Firepit Season

The David Thayer family got their fire pit loaded with wood and had a nice sit around the fire get together. There were lots of cute selfies with some boys but here is a photo of the fire in the dark of the evening. Wish we could have one out here.

Scott's Walkup

Scott has gotten his house pretty well painted, new light out from and the newer screen door on. He just needs to finish the foundation around the sides and back. Too bad water is so costly to water the garden and lawn.

House Painting

In the midst of surgery and all of this, Scott and his friends Deanna and Dan have been painting his house. Here is an example of the front walkway and the new colors of the house. The foundation needs painting since they got a lot of green before on it and it doesn't go with his house color.

Rubber Duckies

Where did the Rubber Duckie come from? How is it our bath time buddy?
Here is the story of our favorite duckies, or chickens or chickens like kitties…

The Parterre Look

Our English garden parterre looked quite lovely last night while sitting on the deck and enjoying the twilight.

Fencing the gaps

Since I saw a pickup driving fast across our hay field to leave the property and the gates were closed, Bob has started fencing off the areas near the little barn where the fencing is down and needed to be replaced. Here is the work today.

Up and Running

Bob got my fountain that we brought from California up and running after the winter's break. It is pleasant to hear the sounds of running water. I love the fountain but it does not run as often since it gets plugged with bees and leaves. It still is a pleasure.

Sunny Saturday

I have been away from my blog for over a month due to travel and tragedy. I have tried to take this weekend to do more for myself and allow some stress healing from too much work. It wasn't the best start since dinner from last was not the best for me.

I am starting to catch up. I have the fans on, the outside door open and the sun is shining. I downloaded the new Runrig album yesterday and am listening to some celtic rock while I sit here and type. Yay!


Looking Up

The painting is slowly getting someplace. The living room, dining area, and kitchen is close to being done. The red wall and kitchen area need a second coat. The Greige in the living area is done and looks nice. We will keep plucking away at getting the place looking much better.


Lavender Room

One room of the house Scott bought has a pretty completely painted lavender colored room, walls and ceiling. Even the shelf was painted lavender. This will be his office so he does plan to change this and it will need flooring too. Hard to live with this color.

Scott's New House

Scott took possession of his new house last night. Here is a picture of it from the street. It is 1565 W. Oak St. in Lebanon.

Play Structure Construction

Bob has been hard at work trying to finish the play structure/swing set/fort. Here he is hard at work trying to put more of it together after some of the painting he has done. Ryan and Nicolas like the climbing ramp.


Bob has moved the play structure and swing set out to the farm that used to sit in Scott's back yard for Melissa's kids and those she had in daycare. He is putting it back together and painting it Clover or our door accent green. It does seem like a good color. Ryan found it right away and was fast up on top.


Bob cleaned out my fountain and got it running. I like the sound of running water in a fountain.
This fountain trekked from California with us. The movers hated me since it weighed so much.

Home Catification

Have you ever thought of catifying your home? Your cat probably did for you. They may even have the plans drawn up. All cats believe they deserve the best. Don’t they? Certainly the 18 cats in this home in Santa Barbara must have had a long talk with the owner and builder to get the catified home they deserved. It is aMAZEing.


Off to spend time in Costco to buy replacements for home electronics that seem to quit on their own. I wonder what is next to break down since it is always in 3s. Well, at least I will put a good photo of Bob with Dervish in this spot.
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