Debbie Reynolds

I have always been a Debbie Reynolds fan since I was a kid. I loved watching her play and sing in "Tammy and the Bachelor". Oh, that wicked Elizabeth Taylor and smarmy Eddie Fisher. It was so sad to hear of Carrie Fisher passing last week due to a heart attack and then her mother, Debbie Reynolds, died the next day.

Here is some information about our Unsinkable Debbie.

Marilyn and the Dress

Was there really more detail and film behind the skirt blowing scene of Marilyn Monroe's for the movie "The Seven Year Itch"? Shooting this scene led to the break up and divorce of Marilyn and Joe Di Maggio. This article tells more about a fellow who liked to shoot home movies and that his family found many years later film of what happened during the shooting of this scene. Fascinating.

"It happened one night in the late summer of 1954…

In the famous street scene, the two are leaving the movies as Ms. Monroe pauses over a grate to enjoy the breeze from the subway as it blows up her dress on a hot summer night. “Isn’t it delicious?” she purrs. The breeze came from a large fan under the grate operated by the film’s special effects chief. The night — Sept. 15 — was actually quite chilly. But the stunt worked. It became known as “the shot seen around the world.”"

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