Zombies and Humans 100 Days

I do like Zombies and Zombie trivia. I came across this article where some people decided to game out the Zombie Apocalypse. Well, Zombies would have us down to about 287 humans in 100 days. Not good news.

Read about how it happens here.

Zombie Obsession

I have featured articles by Michael Totten on this blog before. He is an interesting writer and also a fellow Oregonian. He has also written a Zombie book, Resurrection, which probably will lead to a sequel. The book is optioned for a movie. Because of this, he has written an article not related to war or distant locations, but one about our Zombie obsession (which I admit I have). I am a Walking Dead fan. I like to watch Zombie movies and shows and read the books. It is different and not run of the mill, even if there is a lot of Zombie stuff out there. Check out his look at where The Walking Dead has been over the last years and Zombie mania.

“Zombies seem to be everywhere these days. Barnes and Noble called the decade from 2003 to 2013 a “Golden Age for zombie fiction.” Max Brooks—son of comedian Mel Brooks—has written several zombie-themed books, the most popular of which—2006’s World War Z—sold more than 1 million copies and inspired the blockbuster 2013 movie of the same name, starring Brad Pitt. (I recently jumped into the genre myself, with a novel called Resurrection, which has been optioned for film.) Zombies dominate the video-gaming world. Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, released last November—the latest in a zombie-killing franchise—has already sold 1.2 million copies, at $50 a pop.”

The Zombie Effect

Every day it seems that the Democrats sink lower in what they do to support or promote their policies and beliefs. One has to credit them with being able to stick together trying to deliver the product or at least keep it from collapsing. Or maybe it isn’t something on the credit side. I read an article today by Mark Baisley where he talks about The Zombie Effect that spreads through the Democratic Party and its loyal supporters. An example follows of what he is talking about and is in a humorous vein incorporating the great Bob Hope.

This Zombie Effect was first documented in the 1940’s film The Ghost Breakers. Richard Carlson’s character describes the undead as, “It’s worse than horrible because a zombie has no will of his own. You see them sometimes walking around blindly with dead eyes, following orders, not knowing what they do, not caring.” In immediate response, Bob Hope quips, “You mean like Democrats?” (See the brief film clip by clicking here).

Enjoy the show!

Parenting Post-Apocalypse

One has to laugh a bit at how we can get caught up into the Zombie “culture”. A bit of escapism for sure. It really is getting in deep when you start analyzing the parenting of characters on The Walking Dead. You would have to grow up fast or you would end up Zombie food. Just to get a sense of the discussion just read about it here in The Atlantic.


Here is where I do not have a good photo to use. It is really strange to say that when we live in “rain country”. We have had enough rain since last Friday to exceed the total rainfall for October since about 1903. It definitely did rain quite a large amount and is still pretty wet tonight. We are staying at home watching the free first episode of the third season of The Walking Dead. While this might look like me after too much time on the computer, I don’t use makeup.

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