Finally It Worked

Technology can be a challenge. Certainly it is this week. Verizon decides to change their data billing plan to a “share everything plan”. Right now I would vote for “share every headache plan” is a better term. My IPad needed to switch from a pre-paid credit card plan to one involving the share everything data. In the process, I lost my 3G data service to the IPad and it has taken 5 days to get it back to receiving 3G service. Wireless still worked, yet that would not allow me to use it in areas without wireless access. In the process, I had my apps, music, books, video, and photos wiped off the IPad. I spent more time than I could afford to give up on the phone and monitoring uploads and downloads to get somewhere with this.

I am getting it all back in some fashion though not exactly as before. I still have to get some photos on the IPad to share when I want to have the opportunity. Fortunately, the tablet does take some fair photos of its own. So, to just relax and have better thoughts after all this work, I will add in a photo of that David took of a hummingbird hovering over a watering hose in our parterre garden. I felt a bit of perilous hovering the past few days too.

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