Catching Up

Well, I have made my lists of tasks to be done and the house also needs cleaning. How depressing after such a lovely time away! I need to do my daily post and make an effort to go back and place new photos from the trip in the blog.

One thing I was amazed at while we traveled was how the different cultures sprung up next to each area and in such short distances. In one spot, we would feel such a Scottish influence and in another down the road, see such an Acadian influence. As I mentioned, one of my highlights was listening to a young Acadian girl in her Evangeline costume at the Eglise Saint Bernard play her fiddle (or her violin as she said she also played classical music). I enjoy having the video of her playing. Here is a photo of her though not a close up unfortunately.


As you can see the lovely interior of this Catholic church. The arches overhead were striking and there was an organ in the back loft. I can imagine a musical production here would be outstanding.

Interior of Eglise Saint Bernard
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