Bob Hope

Growing up I always enjoyed Bob Hope - movies, TV (the Oscars), and his entertaining the troops. I received a link to one of the Bob Hope videos of entertaining the troops at Christmas. He was one of a kind.

Amazing Survival Stories

I came across this webpage today about some of the most amazing stories people have of survival in bad circumstances. They overcame adversity to live when others may have died or did die.

New York City Underground

Many of the major cities in the United States have an underground. Some are more extensive and they have tours that are designed to highlight the features of this underground architecture, etc. I came across this article about the secret nature of New York City's underworld, all in video format. See it here.

The Beauty of Editing

I like music and I love to see when people can artistically edit film and music to make something new. This has been going around Facebook recently. Someone has taken old films with dance scenes and fit portions of the steps to synch with a current song from 2015.

When Arcades Were Like Video Games

The world is changing quickly. I have never been into games or even video type games though I remember the old PacMan game and Space Invaders. How long ago was that? In Lebanon we had our roller skating rink. It is still there but abandoned and no one has purchased it. Ah, nostalgia.
Here is an article with a lot of photos showing an old arcade where kids used to go to play stand up game machines versus on the computer or on our phones.

Video Stores in These Times

In our small town, Blockbuster and Hollywood video stores closed a long time ago. They were pretty big stores here. There are no other video stores where there had been three. Netflix, Redbox, and Amazon or DISH Network streaming have taken their business model away.
Some video stores though have been able to survive by finding a niche market in these current times. This article describes how they are doing it. It probably is a version of an interesting video store that was located in Pleasant Hill CA when we lived down that way. The store was Einstein’s Video. They carried the New Releases but they also had a lot of lesser known cult or artistic videos. I liked going in there and finding a TV series or video series to watch that I did not want to purchase but did want to view. I don’t know if they are still in business yet I hope they are or their spirit of enterprise lives on.

Congrats to Cat Video Festival

It looks like my good friend Karen and her sidekick “cats” got good publicity and recognition from the local media. May the New Orleans cat video festival live on for a number of years. Check out the nice article.

Proposal 4 Years In Making

Some people are very clever about how to go about important events in their life. They take a chance and try something unique. It is heart warming to read a few days ago about a young man who wrote in his journal right after the first date with a young lady that he planned to marry her someday in the future. It took 4 years of going through college and finishing while traveling the world to reach the proposal date. During those travels, he video taped his planned proposal in each location he visited while lip synching to The Proclaimers’ song, 500 miles. Enjoy this lovely story and video here.
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