Cowboy Dinner Tree

Silver Lake and Dining

A travel article today listed towns that were remote locations in the United States to other towns. One of the places listed was Silver Lake, OR which is in south central Oregon. One of the highlights is dinner at Cowboy Dinner Tree which we have eaten at twice. The photo below was taken in 2019 at our anniversary dinner there. Always tasty and lots of food to take away and eat later. We have not visited the geological site called Crack in the Ground but will look to make a trip to do so. This is within a day's drive from our home.

Silver Lake is a town of roughly 150 people in southern Oregon, 39.3 miles from the nearest other town. It was founded in the late 1800s and remains quite small, with a single gas station and a handful of restaurants. One such eatery is the Cowboy Dinner Tree, which was inspired by an eatery that existed many decades ago. Back then, a wagon set up underneath a large juniper tree and sold beans and biscuits to passing cowboys. While that wagon is gone, the restaurant serves up local fare in a rustic albeit slightly more modern setting.
The town is also home to a fascinating nearby geological site known as the
Crack in the Ground. This volcanic fissure is two miles long and 70 feet deep, and formed due to volcanic activity that occurred thousands of years ago. Today, it offers a great opportunity for curious hikers looking to explore the country’s volcanic history.

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