A Funny Fish Habit

I came across one of the "Today I Found Out" trivia pieces and had a real chuckle at the title about fish that "Talk with Farts". I didn't realize that herring had such an interesting aspect to their makeup. Gee, I wonder what people would be like if they moved around in schools directed by how they passed gas.
Check it out here.

Fish Hatchery

Out near the Larwood Covered Bridge is the Roaring River Fish Hatchery. It is a small place yet isolated and fun to visit. I enjoy going there to just see the different tanks of trout they are raising to release in the lakes. They have a range of smaller fish to larger fish that are about 2 feet in length. They certainly get agitated when one throughs bits of fish food into the tank. Lots of swirling and splashing. Splish, splash!



Living close to reservoirs and lakes here in Oregon, I would love to have a boat. Certainly, it would be wonderful to have a sailboat on to use on the Columbia River. Sadly, they do like to use up money for maintenance and so we most likely will not get a boat.

Here is a lovely sailboat in a setting east of Halifax on the way to Cape Breton Island.

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