10 Best Independent Bookshops

Too bad this survey was compiled by the Guardian newspaper. Not my favorite but I am glad that Powell's Books in Portland is number one. I do like Mr. B's Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath England. I will need to go back and check this out. But do read the list and look at the cool photos.

Reality Today

Exchanges established by the federal government are exchanges established by the state. Rachel Dolezal is black. Iran will honor an agreement not to develop nuclear weapons. ISIS is a JV team. There’s an epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses. Michael Brown had his hands up and pleaded “don’t shoot.” Caitlyn Jenner is a woman. Obamacare is working. 2+2 doesn’t necessarily equal 4. The polar ice caps are disappearing. The IRS is doing a decent job. The border is secure.We’ve ended two wars responsibly. Hillary Clinton turned over all work-related e-mails. An $18,200,000,000,000 debt can grow without mention. People who burn down buildings and overturn cars aren’t thugs. The OPM hack is manageable. We’ve reset relations with Russia. Entitlement reform can be kicked down the road. We’re more respected around the world.

Reality is Now Discretionary, Peter Kirsanow

Playset Almost There

Bob has been working hard on the playset for the kids. It is all painted and set up except for a new slide. We will order that later. It looks pretty cool and has its chairs for a fort underneath for some kids to hang out. Or is that Grandpa to do so?

The Obsolete Man

Lately, it has seemed as if the United States is drifting or being pushed more to a Semi-totalitarian state. The rule of law is vanishing or what has been the rule of law for over 200 years. It is an unsettled feeling on where we are going. I am a non-conformist when it comes to being told what I must think and say. I tend to dig in my heels and say "No Way". I am feeling that lately. A recent article referred to the path we are taking was predicted by a Twilight Zone episode in 1961, The Obsolete Man. How soon will we, or I, become The Obsolete Man for real.

Storms In The Distance

The weather has gotten increasingly hotter. We were supposed to have some clouds and mugginess on Sunday. It seems to have come in more this evening. I could see black clouds and sky to the SouthEast. I think storms were headed this way but then headed more north along the Cascades. At dusk the view East looked more like a sunset and it is not the right direction. A lot of thunderheads and pink sky (strange color).

California History

California is going through a major drought, especially from the central part of the state south. VDH who lives in Selma in the central valley for many years is writing about serious issues if this continues and the coastal populations cannot get their water in a few years. California is very desert like having lived east of the San Francisco Bay in drier geography.
To know more about some of the water history and a discussion of lakes that have vanished over time in California. One is Tulare Lake. It was once the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. Hard to believe. See if here.

Hitler's Bed

There is a lot of controversy going on currently that centers around removing the Confederate battle flag. I have not ever been a fan of the flag and my ancestors fought for the North. I do find it troubling how off the wall crazy this is getting. I am still a fan of history and one cannot change it or hide it. Also, it is going to drive supporters under ground or harden their "defenses". Better to have open dialogue and handle it.
On another note, with all of that hysteria, I read about an Englishman who is a Nazi memorabilia collector. He is not a supporter of Nazism it sounds but he is wrapped up in saving Third Reich artifacts for posterity. The story is here.

Photography Again

I signed up for a creative photography class again. Something to do as a hobby and to get out of the house. I am getting burned out and need to push myself to other ventures. We did a quick photo shoot around the school.
I'm not sure I am really happy with how I did but am adding one with a long line shot down the side of the building and the sidewalk.

Atomic Ghosts

Well, the old Cold War is over and they are now putting together remnants and historical artifacts of that time into a historical park. It does seem a bit eerie. Are we on the verge of a new Cold War but with Arab nations in the Middle East? The photos are fascinating and this article is a bit of a jaunt back into our recent history related to nuclear weapons and our relationship with or against the Soviet Union. What would Stalin say?

The American Actor

I have frequently commented that the movies and TV shows from Britain are better productions and better acted. They seem gritty and not so Hollywoodized. Now someone has written an article in The Atlantic about what is wrong with the American male actors that they are not getting the good roles in American productions. Many actors in series here are from the UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. They seem to be able to handle the American accents and handle the parts like they are natives.
Read about it here and see if you agree with the authors and me that there seems to be a big issue regarding American actors.

Ebola and Ancient Athens?

Could Ebola have actually occurred in ancient Greece? Ebola is quite old and DNA has been found in a number of different species of animals. It could have been the cause of the infamous Plague of Athens that began in 430 B.C. More can be read about it here.

"The ancient nature of the disease "raises the question of whether Ebola may have spilled over from its animal reservoir to humans well before scientists first identified it in 1976," study author Powel Kazanjian, a professor of history and infectious diseases at the University of Michigan, told Live Science.

In the new paper, Kazanjian suggests that an Ebola virus may have been the culprit in the infamous Plague of Athens, a five-year epidemic that began in 430 B.C., whose cause has long been a matter of conjecture among physicians and historians. The famed historian Thucydides, who chronicled the Peloponnesian War between the rival city-states of Athens and Sparta, was not only an eyewitness to the Athenian disease, but also contracted it himself and survived.



No, I am not referring to the small community located 5 miles from here on the way to Lebanon. Yesterday was the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium. Wellington and the British defeated Napoleon and his mix of French and other European countries' armies. For some discussion of the ceremonies and re-enactments, they can be found here. A discussion and breakdown of the different engagements and battle can be located here. Did Waterloo decide Europe's fate? Well, I assume if Napoleon one, he would have been more insufferable.

Play Structure Construction

Bob has been hard at work trying to finish the play structure/swing set/fort. Here he is hard at work trying to put more of it together after some of the painting he has done. Ryan and Nicolas like the climbing ramp.

T Rex

So is the movie, Jurassic Park, correct? Can a T Rex not see you if you don't move? What other fallacies does the movie have besides T Rex? Maybe some on Velociraptors? What capabilities did they have. Learn more about what the movie says and what really happens here.


Bob has moved the play structure and swing set out to the farm that used to sit in Scott's back yard for Melissa's kids and those she had in daycare. He is putting it back together and painting it Clover or our door accent green. It does seem like a good color. Ryan found it right away and was fast up on top.

Magna Carta 800 Years

Today is the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede in England. I have seen the location of Runnymede 20 miles west of London. I believe I was on a trip to see Windsor Castle. I have seen one
of the versions of the Magna Carta in Lincoln Castle in Lincoln in the 1990s on a trip to England with Bob's Mom, Dorothy. It was a great trip and lots to see. I have photos but they are likely not digitalized yet. I had to see the Magna Carta since it was the basis for English law and therefore, our law and Constitution. Read more about it here.


Bob cleaned out my fountain and got it running. I like the sound of running water in a fountain.
This fountain trekked from California with us. The movers hated me since it weighed so much.

Jumping Bean

Ryan was having too good a time jumping on the mini-trampoline. He does seem to like to bounce up and down.

Cantaloupe Lover

Ryan loves to eat his fruit and here he is stuffing a big piece of cantaloupe in his mouth at the BBQ tonight. He probably can't wait until he gets his Grandpa's garden grown cantaloupe.

Young Baseball Fan

Ryan is going to take after his one Grandpa and show that he likes going to baseball games. Here he is at the Corvallis Knights game over near Reser Stadium with his parents.

Goodnight Moon

If you want to read an interesting tale of a children's book that started out small in sales and later blossomed into a major bestseller in that category. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown was said to be hypnotic to children when read and would put toddlers to sleep quickly. The author assigned the royalties in her will to a family's children who were close to her. The middle child received huge royalties as the book sales grew… but,

"You’d think that a story about a children’s book might have a happy ending; perhaps Albert would use his money wisely and generously. No. In 2000 Joshua Prager tracked Albert Clarke down for the Wall Street Journal, writing that “in the intervening years, the trajectories of Ms. Brown’s book and the boy who inherited it began to diverge with strange symmetry.” Prager describes a life of squandered millions, murderous fistfights, theft, a sequence of broken homes, domestic violence, lost custody of children, clothing bought and thrown away instead of being washed, houses bought and sold at a loss, vagrancy, debt, drug abuse, and arrests on an array of charges ranging from menacing and resisting arrest to criminal possession of a weapon, criminal trespass, assault, and grand larceny. According to Prager, Albert Clarke said he believed-with no supporting evidence or corroboration from any source-that Brown was his real mother, a notion his older brother Austin characterized as “delusional thinking. It’s a fairy tale that makes him feel better.” "

Author's Of Our Own Fate

It is sad to read an article that is a good demonstration of what a large portion of the world is headed to in direction. People who make poor choices in life and live off the spoils and generosity of government in the role of father or parent. One can make good choices and raise themselves above this lifestyle or do little and continue down the same path of victimhood. I realize this is not P.C. in current times yet it is reality as I have seen it around me in others. A very interesting read.


If you want to learn more about Paganini and also why the violin was considered the Devil's instrument, read here.

"At the height of his fame and fortune, Niccolò Paganini, arguably the greatest violinist ever to live, was both the toast, and the bane, of Europe. Considered by most a musical genius, by some a musical god and by others, the Devil’s minion, Paganini’s virtuosity, appearance and bearing had some believing his skill could only come after he had made a pact with the Devil."

Flying Home

Up very early and caught a cab to the airport. The flights went well and our layover in Denver was a walk but not long in time. We got home about 1:30 p.m. and Dervish was very happy to see us. Still a bit subdued from losing his people around for several days. We are in the middle of a hot spell so we have to run the air conditioner. Up into the 90s!

Last Day in Indy

Our last full day in Indianapolis. We got up early to attend the VIN breakfast. Nice to chat and meet new people sitting at our table. Bob went running around the Convention Center and I went off to meetings for pretty much the full day. We will try to get an early to bed time since we have to get up around 3:30 a.m. ET to catch a cab for the airport.

Steak and Shake

David always told us that the Midwest chain of Steak and Shake was a great tasting place to eat. Better than most burger places out here. I had a mushroom burger and chocolate malt. It was very tasty and I did like the flavor of the burger. I would have to second his comments.

Off to Lectures

The ACVIM meeting officially starts for the rest of us today. I am off to visit the lecture halls and listen to interesting cat related information and also Winn-funded research. It will be good to see some familiar faces and say Hi.
Dr. Emily Gould of University of Tennessee

Minor Leagues

Time change and travel seemed to sap my energy on this trip plus I needed to catch up work in the process, Bob went to see a minor league game at the nice Indianapolis baseball park near Downtown Indy.

Off to Indianapolis

We headed off early this morning from PDX to the ACVIM meeting in Indianapolis. Good flights and the weather was breezy but sunny in Indy. Our hotel was right downtown and about 3 blocks from the state Capitol building. Too bad we did not visit. We did go out for a steak dinner. The specialty of Harry and Izzy's is a big shrimp cocktail with shave horseradish in the cocktail sauce. Yum. Nose clearing but good.


Bob and I had to do one of the hardest things last evening in saying goodbye to an old friend. Also, one of the hardest things to do as a veterinarian to be the person who has to make that goodbye happen. We said Goodbye to our old dog, Blackadder. He came to us as a stray roaming the countryside looking for friends and we didn't want harm to come to him, so he was ours. Over the years, one of his favorite things to do was to go with Bob on the tractor, sitting on his feet. When that got too hard, he rode in the trailer behind (photos from last December). Goodbye old friend, the family will greatly miss you.

From better days out in McDowell Creek…….
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