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Ice World

We have been stuck at home for the past 4 days due to a weather event. With a small bit of snow mixed in, we started with ice pellets and/or freezing rain during that time. The trees are swaying and groaning. Some may fall at some point. We will start warming today, plus or minus another ice storm for this afternoon. We are on the edge of it happening here or maybe not.
Here is a photo of the world across from our deck to the mountains. One can see the iced up trees standing starkly. An Ice World.

Thayer Farm Sesquicentennial Sign

We got our sign for the Oregon Farm Bureau program the other day. This morning the sign went up on a post near our driveway and the Berlin Rd. It announces our status of being established in 1853, therefore a Sesquicentennial Farm here in Oregon. WooHoo!!Thayer Farm sign

Sesquicentennial Thayer Farm

We did it!!!! I applied for the Farm Bureau's Sesquicentennial Farm status here in Oregon. It was a lot of work and research. Thankfully, there were and are family members who have kept track of Joab and Ann Beeler Powell's history from the mid-1800s from East Tennessee to Missouri and over the Oregon Trail to Oregon. Their 4th child, Peter Powell, brought his wife, Nancy, and the children born by 1852 to settle on a donation land claim of 320 acres. This piece of property has descended to me through Peter to Rachael Arminta Powell Peterson to Goldie Peterson Wolfenbarger to William E. Wolfenbarger then to me. We should receive a sign and certificate plus the award given during a ceremony at the Oregon State Fair. I am so glad that all the work culminated in the family recognition.

Sunset In Spring

We get the loveliest view of sunrises and sunsets here. The weather has been a mix of rain, hail, sleet, and sun through the days recently. I was able to catch this colorful sunset off to the West.
a spring sunset

Deer Family Out For A Feed

A few days ago our local deer family with does and fawns of 6 were out catching some good grass nibbles. They did not seem disturbed with the human family looking at them from the house. It is getting close to spring.
Deer family group

Jupiter and Venus Conjunction

In the early evening just as the sky was darkening on March 3rd, Jupiter and Venus came together in conjunction over the west horizon. This was just for a short time and won't happen again for another 9 years. I was fortunate to sit out on our porch and view with strong binoculars. I also was able to capture a bright view of them together with my iPhone. Vada and Victoria joined me to get a view of the planets and then the bright moon more to the south.
Jupiter-Venus conjunction

Sun, Clouds, Snow and Trees

Another overnight snow storm though not as heavy as the last one. We did get some early morning sun peeping through the clouds to backlight the snowy Douglas Fir trees. It was a lovely sight to see and photograph!
Sun clouds snow trees small

Wind Storm

We woke up to a wind and rain storm that went through the PNW. Bob was to have outpatient surgery today at the local hospital. This was postponed to January 31 due to the hospital was only operating on generator power when we got there at 6:45 a.m. Our own power went out and we had generator power from about 10 a.m. to about 4:30 p.m. There was lots of debris from the trees on the roads, many small tree limbs. We went over to a friend's place where her Golden Chain tree had fallen across her driveway. Use of a chain saw in this area is a necessity.

Freezing Rain Ice Storm

A huge Arctic air weather system has been crossing the U.S. this week. Our area's part is to have a freezing rain/ice storm move through over night and planned for the rest of the morning. The sidewalks and roads are a shiny skating rink look to them. A day to stay quiet and at home as much as possible.
The view of Berlin Rd and its shiny ice glaze.

Upwards To 170 Years

I am finally going to take the initiative and explore getting a Century Farm designation for our piece of property. I am a direct descendent of Joab Powell's 4th son, Peter Powell. The family migrated from Missouri to Oregon in 1852. Peter Powell applied for a donation land claim in this part of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We have 40.2 acres remaining of that claim as a descendent. I have located the coordinates on a geographical map and will explore with the city and state to get more information toward an application. For now the information on a deed map of our property is:

Sec.36 T.12S. R.01W W.M. 
Linn County, OR (MAP !2 1 W 25)

S.W. Cor. A. J. Alley CT. 4431
Interior Corner of Peter Powell NOT.2507

Brilliant Start Again

After a very long hiatus and blog publishing issues on top of a pandemic and busywork, I have re-built this blog with re-linking articles where I could and adding my photo resources into the blog software. I enjoy publishing interesting photos of our lives and covering articles and topics. I have learned a lot along the way and more is still to be done. Enjoy a recent spectacular sunrise. Brilliant!!
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