Haunted Cemetery

Interesting story to pop up in a daily local news feed…
Could a cemetery here in Oregon truly be haunted or is it just a myth, superstition?

Among the many haunted places in Oregon, one stands out as particularly terrifying: the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. This cemetery, located in the small town of Lafayette, is said to be cursed by a vengeful witch who was hanged there in the late 1800s. Here is the story behind this haunted cemetery and why you should avoid it at all costs.
The Hanging of the Witch
According to legend, the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery is haunted by a woman who lost her life after being accused of being a witch. Apparently she wasn’t too happy about this, and stuck around to haunt the cemetery and the people of Lafayette. The witch part of the equation has since been debunked, but the clarification is just as gruesome.
he Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery is a place of horror and mystery, where the dead do not rest in peace. The story behind this haunted cemetery is terrifying, and so are the experiences of those who dare to visit it. If you are looking for a thrill, you might be tempted to explore this cemetery, but be warned: you might encounter more than you bargained for.
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