Staples Out

Here is the new look of a scar post staples. Not the prettiest knee in the world.

Ace Wrap Off!

My first doctor visit post-surgery. They heavier wet resistant bandage is off and a lighter one is on. I still have to cover it to shower but if feels good to have it gone.

In Home Physical Therapy

I had my first physical therapy session at home. Her name is Kathy and she got me going on some exercises for my knee. I seem to be coming along OK and able to do the exercises.

Leg Wrap

Just to historically note my big wrapped knee with an Ace bandage and my two compression socks to prevent blood clots. Very pretty look.

Home Today

I was discharged from the hospital late morning. They keep a person 23 hours and then they send them home. We had to pick up my pain medication prescriptions on the way home and do a few other errands. I am tired and want to get home to my new recliner to heal. I did get 2 sets of flowers, one from Lisa.IMG_0280

Knee Surgery

I went in early this morning and underwent right partial knee replacement surgery. In the hospital with an ice pack wrap around my leg and leg massagers. One large ace wrap around my leg too. Help to get in and out of bed while using my walker.

Gene Based Diet

Maybe there is something to that phrase “You are what you eat.” Researchers are finding genetic mechanisms that affect taste perception and food preferences. This could explain why some hate cilantro, dill, coconut, etc. while I happen to like all of this. Now the strong taste of lemon, nah. Cloves, awful! Bring on the specific taste tester genes and read about it here.

Dressing Up

With the New Orleans as a near future destination, I took some time to travel to Eugene and do some clothes shopping. I have been trying to build my wardrobe up, casual and more business like as I am to take this new position. I will have to dress to match the part and be more official. Added a few dresses to the mix. Good to have some new clothes!


Years ago when I worked for my first cat veterinary practice role, my employer was a nice and wise person. I tend to be a bit of a sensitive dweller on things such as criticism. I build it to the nth degree. She gave me a short writing or quote about criticism and how to not think it is all about my view yet could there be some part that I should consider is correct. For more discussion and a way to take criticism well, read this WSJ article here.

Andrew Breitbart Quote

I always enjoyed and admired the person and spirit of Andrew Breibart. He tackled life and people head on, fearlessly. He challenged the norm and yet with good spirits. He certainly gathered friends and foe alike. He wanted people to be warriors to the truth on their own. I believe we still miss his presence in this stressed out world, semi-nightmare world we live in currently.
I bring this up because it was a good news day yesterday. I re-certified for ABVP feline for another 10 years. The hard work to pursue it instead of letting it lapse paid off. I got my new 60mm macro Nikon lens for my Nikon camera so I can film closeups better. How exciting to pursue! Here is a great quote from Breitbart to stick on my wall and remember.

“Walk towards the fire, don’t worry about what they call you. All of those things are said because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it.”