Wine Tasting Heard Round the World

For so many years, French wines were considered the top of class in taste. Nothing could touch them. Then at one point in the 1970s, a surprise happened where California wines came out of the shadows and beat the French wines in a tasting test. The world has never been the same again. Another story to read.

Merlot Wine and Friends in Tampa

I moved over to the Crowne Plaza Hotel closer to the airport this afternoon so we could have the Winn board meeting and grant review here. The hotel gave me an upgraded room since I handled the negotiations for the meeting. The other pleasant thing is that they delivered a bottle of Clois de Bois Merlot wine to the room with cheese, grapes, and crackers. I share with my good friends, Glenn and Elaine Olah. We toasted Bob who could not be there.
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