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Mystery Crime Likely Solved

On November 13, 2022, four University of Idaho students (3 women, 1 man) were found stabbed to death in their house located in Moscow, ID. Moscow is a small town or city and located about 10 miles east of where I spent 6 years attending college at Washington State University. This was a particularly heinous crime and unusual for such a close, small town. For several weeks since, the police and FBI have not seemed to have any suspects in view. Today they had a press conference announcing the arrest of a PhD student (with Washington State University with an apartment in Pullman, WA) at the home of his parents in eastern Pennsylvania near the Poconos Mountains. They live in a gated quiet community. This home is over 2500 east of Moscow. The police also confiscated it appears a white Hyundai Elantra sedan that they were looking for as a clue from video captured around the time of the murders. The suspect is 28 years of age and is studying criminal justice named Bryan Kohberger. He looks a bit like Ted Bundy. The police feel they have caught their perp who killed these four young wonderful students. Time will give us more detail on how his arrest came about and possibly how the crime was committed. Familial DNA and the car were some of the clues that lead to his arrest.

True Crime Serial Killers

True Crime stories can be fascinating to read or watch. I guess though not for the people involved. I came across this article about the 7 creepiest serial killers in American history. Some I had never heard of. Definite sociopaths found here.

A Fascinating Tale

I will never life a life of a "beautiful" person or one of the elite. I doubt I will come close even at all. I guess it doesn't make it unusual to be fascinated about a long ago story of murder and a bit of family mayhem in the family of a peer in Great Britain. I guess their lives are not so wonderful after all even with the money, glitz, etc. Here is a story in The Telegraph of what is believed to be the ultimate fate of Lord Lucan and the mystery from that came from it quite awhile ago.
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