Silver Lake and Dining

A travel article today listed towns that were remote locations in the United States to other towns. One of the places listed was Silver Lake, OR which is in south central Oregon. One of the highlights is dinner at Cowboy Dinner Tree which we have eaten at twice. The photo below was taken in 2019 at our anniversary dinner there. Always tasty and lots of food to take away and eat later. We have not visited the geological site called Crack in the Ground but will look to make a trip to do so. This is within a day's drive from our home.

Silver Lake is a town of roughly 150 people in southern Oregon, 39.3 miles from the nearest other town. It was founded in the late 1800s and remains quite small, with a single gas station and a handful of restaurants. One such eatery is the Cowboy Dinner Tree, which was inspired by an eatery that existed many decades ago. Back then, a wagon set up underneath a large juniper tree and sold beans and biscuits to passing cowboys. While that wagon is gone, the restaurant serves up local fare in a rustic albeit slightly more modern setting.
The town is also home to a fascinating nearby geological site known as the
Crack in the Ground. This volcanic fissure is two miles long and 70 feet deep, and formed due to volcanic activity that occurred thousands of years ago. Today, it offers a great opportunity for curious hikers looking to explore the country’s volcanic history.


Cheers to Thanksgiving

We went out to 1847 Bar and Grill for our Thanksgiving dinner again this year. They didn't offer prime rib as they have in the past so we had a nice ham dinner with the trimmings.
It was very good topped off with pumpkin pie.I had an Espresso Martini and Bob had a Prosecco drink before dinner. Cheers to our 2023 Thanksgiving since there is a lot with family to be thankful for at this time.

Catfish Hotel Restaurant

Out in the countryside just down the road and river from the Shiloh Battlefield headquarters is the main restaurant in the area. It is called the Catfish Hotel Restaurant. Their specialty is catfish, of course. They also offer shrimp, hush puppies and other Southern cooking. They do seem to have a catfish fry all you can eat option plus BBQ ribs. The restaurant looks out over the Tennessee River. It seems tour buses also show up at the restaurant. It was good and basic food. My mother and grandmother were lovers of catfish due to their time living near the Missouri and Niobrara Rivers in Nebraska.
Catfish hotel restaurant Shiloh

New Years Eve Tradition

Another New Year's Eve and one that is a Saturday night. For several years, we have made our Mexican Corn Chowder with shrimp. We made a double batch tonight and with a loaf of homemade artisan white bread to go with it. It is better to be off the roads and at home. I am watching movies and the New Year's celebration on Fox News. I'm looking to see Cole Hauser there who plays Rip on Yellowstone. (Yes!!)

Lebanon's New Tea Room

During the pandemic, many restaurants had to do takeout for their food. A number could not survive yet a number of new places have sprouted up. Most are quite good. My good friend, Laurie Hinson, and I ventured out to have lunch at a new place, Bloom Boutique and Tea Room. Many bulk teas to pick from to have a "proper" tea and a sandwich and scrumptious butternut squash soup. I plan to go back and do this again. Ah, some parts of life returning to normal.


Yes, we like Oreos in this family, chocolate and vanilla ones. We have to hide them from the grandkids sometimes. I have to get my share before Bob or he will eat them all. Evil man that he is.

Where did the Oreo come from? This article will tell the story. Bet you like Oreos too and would like to know.

Chocolate Milkshake Day

Today is Chocolate Milkshake Day! A good one to celebrate…

National Food Days

Here is the calendar for National Food Days for 2016. Very likely that these days carry over to 2017 and beyond. How cool is this?

Best Breakfasts in Britain

I am not sure when we will get back to Britain again though I wish it could be soon. I did come across this page that offered some opinions of the best places there for breakfast. Check them out.


Headed off to Denver for the ACVIM meeting today but not until we made our first batch of canned strawberry jam from our berry plants this year. Before it was freezer jam, this year it is onward and upward for canned.

Watermelon Boy

Ryan does love his watermelon and fruit to eat. Here he is eating a wedge of melon while watching TV. Ah, the life!
watermelonboy 6-3-16

Birthday Cake

Nicolas had an Odd Squad birthday this time around. His cake was purple which is his favorite color and had the Odd Squad badge on top. Here he is blowing out the candle.

Strawberry Shortcake

I love this time of year where we have fresh strawberries from the garden and one can make homemade shortcake from Bisquick. Yum.
strawberry-shortcake 6-2-16


As we ate at the Horseradish for lunch, one can see the set up inside the restaurant. They have music on Friday and Saturday nights. We had a lovely salmon and cream cheese with herb dip with chips. Yum. We also bought some really good cheese to take home, Humboldt Fog is among the best.



Central Grocery

Part of the fun of getting a muffuletta sandwich is to visit Central Grocery right down in the French Quarter and near the open market. Full of food items to buy. They are so busy selling at lunch that the sandwiches are ready to go and the place is busy. See the line in this photo.

Muffuletta Sandwich

Before the conference started, we made a quick trip to Central Grocery so Karen and I could share a muffuletta sandwich. A must for my trip to NOLA. Yum, their olive salad.

Cantaloupe Lover

Ryan loves to eat his fruit and here he is stuffing a big piece of cantaloupe in his mouth at the BBQ tonight. He probably can't wait until he gets his Grandpa's garden grown cantaloupe.

Steak and Shake

David always told us that the Midwest chain of Steak and Shake was a great tasting place to eat. Better than most burger places out here. I had a mushroom burger and chocolate malt. It was very tasty and I did like the flavor of the burger. I would have to second his comments.

Hello, Jello

Well, who would have thunk it? Gelatin has been around as a "delicacy" since the 15th century. Jello has itself as part of the mix, over a century. Jello is a mix of a name of gelatin and jelly. How cool is that? Learn a little more about the history of jello here.


Yesterday Bob and I had a batch of buttered popcorn. On a rainy, gloomy Sunday afternoon, freshly popped hot popcorn is comfort food. The batch was small because we were operating on the small batch of popcorn kernels in the jar left to pop. So on to why does popcorn pop?

"So why does popcorn pop? There are three main elements of popcorn that have to come together to produce popcorn kernels that are good for popping. Those three elements are: the percentage of water content; a hard, undamaged, water impermeable shell; and a starchy center."

Breakfast at Lola's

I love Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Just about the ultimate breakfast item and Lola's makes the best. Great poached eggs, done just perfect. The potatoes are smashed garlic ones and are a great compliment to the other items.


New Year's Eve Home Cooking

Did our traditional Mexican Shrimp Corn Chowder for New Year's Eve. Yummy…….one additional item over prior years is that I made Artisan Hearth Bread with the loaf pan I got at Java Depot in Lincoln City on a prior visit. Homemade bread is even more yummy. A really basic recipe and the loaf was wonderful with the chowder. Great flavor.

California and Tulios

Traveled down to Walnut Creek, CA today to our old home stomping grounds. Traffic is worse than ever, especially along N. Main St. We met our friend, Marybeth Rymer, at Tulio’s Restaurant across from my old practice. The food was the same and as good as ever. Bob had his rigatoni with meat sauce and I had the chicken caesar salad. Their dressing is the best ever and the one I love the most. It was the same and I could have carried off another salad or more if I could.

The End of Oranges

We like oranges in this household. We had the best orange tree when we lived in California in Walnut Creek. The oranges were so sweet and tasty, especially cold. Now there comes an article where a large percentage of the orange groves in Florida are infected with a bacteria that keeps the oranges from maturing. Nothing can be done to cure it. They can spray to help prevent the take over of the orange trees. This is an expensive process and often is a losing one in the long run. You can find the full story here. So will it be the end of our orange juice?

Following French Fries

Yesterday, the subject was growing and continuing to grow herbs. Now one can take the herbs grown and use them in recipes to make different types of french fried potatoes and/or dipping sauces. I have a weakness for really good fries, especially the thinner homemade variety. Or the curly cut homemade variety. I did come across an article that had descriptions and links to several different methods of cooking french fries. Bon Appetit!


A surprising bit of news hit the media recently..............Velveeta is likely to be in short supply due to the demand for snacks and appetizers made for eating while watching the Super Bowl. Velveeta is a staple. How could it be in short supply? Shades of Velveetapocolypse. The world is in serious trouble since this follows shortly after mention of a Siracha shortage and Sirachapocolypse. Our taste buds will never be the same. I have proof that I will post on this page that we will not experience a shortage during this crucial time. Around about notice of this crisis, I caught an article about the history of Velveeta. Velveeta has a history? Actually quite a long one and was once a cheese rising in popularity. Check it out here.

“Velveeta's popularity increased throughout the '30s, '40s and into the '50s--studies of consumer preference done in the 1930s found that two-thirds of Americans preferred processed cheese to natural cheese. But it wasn't just the product's advertised nutritional advantage that kept consumers interested.”

Like Pizza?

If you like pizza, here is a recommendation by state in Zagat’s for their favorite pizzas (lost the link). Our two favorites when we travel are Serious Pie in Seattle and Solaris in Bingen WA, across the Columbia River from Hood River OR. Locally, we usually go to James Gang Pizza in Lebanon.

Family Teriyaki

We finally got out of the house again and took David, Renee, Nicolas, and Ryan out to dinner at Lebanon Teriyaki. I think that is close to their favorite place to visit for dinner. Ryan got passed around for holding to Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma before Mommy was the better deal for dinner. Conversation, of course, did settle for the men around softball and baseball. Just a look at the ballpark area in Seattle. The white domed field on the left is for the Seattle Seahawks and the dark domed field on the right is Safeco Field for the Mariners.
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