San Diego

Bob at the Beach

Cool Bob at the beach last week and the Hotel Del in the background. I wish we could do this more often.

Harbor Drive in San Diego

I got a nice photo with interesting lines to it of Harbor Drive, the trolley line and the palm trees. Great view from Joan and Peter's balcony.

Marybeth and Bob

Another great photo of a long time good friend, Marybeth Rymer, and Bob while at the AAFP conference. We have been friends since 1983 while meeting in Santa Cruz at another cat conference.

Hotel del Coronado

We went down by the Hotel del Coronado. Such a famous hotel and great memories of being able to stay in the President's suite at the Del. It is striking, especially from this direction.

More Old Friends

I was sent this photo of myself with two long time friends from AAFP, Canadians Heather Stewart and Sandy Jamieson. We all have been a crazy bunch of people who have fun at our meetings.

View From a Balcony

We were invited over to Joan Miller and Peter Keys condo along Harbor Dr. It is located about 2 blocks from the Grand Hyatt where we were staying. We have been there once before and it is a lovely place to visit and has a great view of the harbor. I was able to capture a new sunset, not colorful, yet full of gorgeous light on the harbor.

Three Cat Experts

Here is a great photo of three top cat experts that I know at the AAFP conference. From left to right: Dr. Susan Little, Dr. Ilona Rodan, Dr. Margie Scherk.

Dinner With Friends

Hopped on an Alaska Airlines plane to San Diego today. We had a nice flight, sunny most of the way down to there. Over to Coronado Island and the Hotel Marisol. This evening we had dinner with our wonderful friends Tim and Karen Becnel from Covington, LA at Humphries Restaurant on Shelter Island.

Home Again, Home Again

First Class flight for two hours last night to get back to Portland. Paul Jones and his wife, from Woodburn, were on the flight. Surprise, was Margie Scherk on her way to Vancouver BC. So, at least there was a little conversation with people I knew before the flight took off.

Today is a catch up day. Lots of emails and details to work out. I could use some soothing food, drink, or music. Or maybe a secretary. Happy

PetCo Park in San Diego

Catching Up

Today was a travel day. We got up EARLY to catch a 2.5 hour flight to San Diego. The flight went well, especially sitting in First Class. A real quiche breakfast instead of a breakfast cookie in the back rows. There was a marine cloud layer over San Diego when we landed which went away by late morning.

We hitched a cab ride down to Sea Port Village, a lovely spot, to wander around and eat lunch.We picked the Edgewater Pier restaurant along the harbor. They had a really tasty chicken taco salad that hit the spot. Sun, water, and a great view of the harbor. What could be better than watching the newest Destroyer, No. 110, the William P. Lawrence, come in with many hands on deck to its port of call. The ship was commissioned in July 2011 and is a 509 foot guided missile destroyer. This destroyer was one of the Portland Rose Festival ships visiting this last June. What a shame to have missed it.

William P. Lawrence DDG Destroyer
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