Downpour Rainbow At Library

I attended my first genealogical society meeting for Lebanon at the Lebanon Library. There were several people present, some new, who were older as myself. The topic presented was by one of the individuals in charge of the Linn County Historical Museum in Brownsville.

His presentation was on cemeteries, tiny small up to larger known. He visited all known cemeteries, wrote a description about the cemetery and had photos of the graves and setting. He sold a thumb drive that holds all this information for interested parties. Since my family are early pioneers in the county, I bought a thumb drive.

I am eager to view photos and info on Powell Berlin and Providence Cemeteries. My parents and maternal grandparents are buried at the Lebanon IOOF Cemetery which is the main one here in Lebanon.

As I was leaving post-meeting, a downpour of rain was happening at the library. As I got settled in my car, the rain clouds had moved north and left a full rainbow wrapping over the library (photo shown).


An Afternoon of Rainbows

We traveled down to Eugene on a recent Saturday afternoon to visit with Dr. Patricia Shea. We usually have lunch at Ta Ra Rin near Cat Care hospital. A good place for Thai food.

On the way home and after reaching home we were treated to some interesting displays of rainbows. One as we traveled up I-5 freeway with a peak through the clouds. The other was in the direction of Green Peter Mountain to the east.

Along Interstate 5 near exit 228 to Lebanon

Looking to the east and Green Peter Mtn.
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