Dinner With Friends

Hopped on an Alaska Airlines plane to San Diego today. We had a nice flight, sunny most of the way down to there. Over to Coronado Island and the Hotel Marisol. This evening we had dinner with our wonderful friends Tim and Karen Becnel from Covington, LA at Humphries Restaurant on Shelter Island.

Hotel del Coronado

We went down by the Hotel del Coronado. Such a famous hotel and great memories of being able to stay in the President's suite at the Del. It is striking, especially from this direction.

Blood Moon

Unfortunately with not having a good functioning telescope, I couldn't get a closer picture of the blood moon. The last was in 1982 and the next will be in 18 years. Here is what I did get at one point of the moon eclipse.

Ryan and the Pumpkins

Another cute picture with Ryan showing off the pumpkins. Too bad PaPa's legs were in the background.

Pumpkin Boys

David and Renee brought the boys out for part of the afternoon. The two older boys picked out pumpkins to take home. Nicolas strapped his in with a seat belt. Renee got some cute photos of the 3 with the pumpkins and placed on Facebook for Fall photos.


Jesse among pumpkin…

jesse-among-pumpkins- bottom-9-26-15

The Wild Blue Colored Yonder

Beautiful sunrise this morning. I caught a photo of an airplane winging its way, visualized through the bright clouds, likely from PDX to elsewhere land.

wild-blue-yonder- 9-25-15

A Buck A Day

The trail camera caught this great photo of an older buck on a sunlit day. His rack of antlers seem to frame the picture well.



Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra, one of the Yankee baseball greats, passed away today at the age of 90. He was great with baseball and also his "Yogi Berraisms". Here is a link to Powerline's tribute which also includes a link to 53 of his greatest lines. Another great story is at

Yom Kippur War and Gettysburg

A veteran of Israel's 3 day Yom Kippur War of 1973 has written a book comparing that battle to Gettysburg in the Civil War. He feels there are a number of comparisons and he was encouraged by other historians to tell the tale. Find it here

Svetlana's Story

I am currently reading about Stalin's role in the Soviet Union's Great Terror. He was a horrible, evil man. He loved his daughter though, Svetlana. I remember when she defected to the United States and I read her book, Only One Year, which made her a household name. Jay Nordlinger brings her presence back to life in describing her role as a memoirist for her life and her father's.

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Art Linkletter had his show "Kids Say the Darnedest Things". We had dinner with David, Renee and their boys Sunday. We like to have challah bread from the local bakery. Nicolas, the 8 year old, was not wanting to eat his dinner. In encouraging him to eat his bread, he deadpanned, "Save your money".

Spectacular Boys

Beyond the other photos of Jesse in his Handsome clothes. Here he is hamming it up with a bigger "ham", Ryan, the big brother.


More Little Free Libraries

I have wanted to organize a group of neighbors to build a Little Free Library here in Berlin. The Thayers could certainly provide a number of books for sharing. I just need to get myself going and find neighbors who would help build it. We have the plans for one.
It sounds like some towns and communities don't like having them around and are cracking down on them. Check it out here.

Edith Cavell

Long ago, in a marriage far far away or at least before kids, Bob and I traveled to Canada. We journeyed through British Columbia north and then over to Alberta province. As we came south along the Rocky Mountains, we visited a different sites. One spot had a monument memorialized to Nurse Edith Cavell. She was considered a British hero, a martyr from World War I, shot by the Germans as a spy. Well, now more is known about her activities in Belgium. You can find the current true story here of Edith Cavell. Did she or didn't she?

Apple Tree

Renee posted a photo of the apple tree Nicolas got as a start at the AgFest day last year. The tree has grown and of course Nicolas is growing. Here is a photo from last spring.

Elmore Leonard

One of Bob's and my favorite TV shows was Justified. Just the best to us. It is no longer on TV. The person who wrote the character of Rayland Givens and the inspiration behind the scripts was Elmore Leonard, author. I came across this NYBR article about the Elmore Leonard. Enjoy!

Train Boy

There is a little boy who loves his Thomas the Train pieces. He will steer and crash his train over and over again. Now he is trying to build bridges for the train to cross. Go, Engineer Ryan.

Misused Words

If you want to know what are some of the most common misused words currently, you can go here. Otherwise it might be fun to visit Grammarly which can have some cute catches of misused words by people.

The Thing

I think I have watched John Carpenter's movie, The Thing, probably 100 times or better. Just about every time it is on. I had it saved on our DISH hard drive until it crashed. Well, if you like to know 13 different fascinating facts about The Thing you can go here.

Today, Never Forget

Not much more to be said. The 14th anniversary of 9-11.

Being Cool

I have my newest Facebook cover photo. Where did this kid get the "cool" gene when none of the rest of us can seem to find it in the family. I hope it stays with him and does not go to his head. Better than the scowl he can deliver.

Murder and Macabre

What makes us fascinated by gruesome crimes? Why do we enjoy reading about the macabre? Or watching True Crime stories on the TV. A new book about "Murder by Candlelight" might tell us some of the story. Here is a book review about this interesting but gruesome topic.

"Beran frames his arguments within a recounting of some of the most notorious murders of the 19th century, exploring how and why these tales are so fascinating. In one skillfully wrought volume, he cleverly feeds our appetite for horror even as he probes this appetite. He lets us contemplate our fascination at the same time we’re experiencing it, watching as he explores its origins philosophically, historically and psychologically."

Cougar Reservoir

Here is a view from a viewpoint near the top of the earthen dam of Cougar Reservoir. This is a pretty deep reservoir since the canyon for the river is quite deep, a long way down. No boating noticed so not a fishing lake though people did camp at certain areas near it.

Family BBQ

Went driving today on the Aufderheide Dr. which is Hwy. 19 between Hwy. 126, the McKenzie Hwy. and Hwy. 58 the Willamette Hwy. running through Oakridge. More photos later. We went over to David and Renee's place for fruits, veggies, and a BBQ with them and the Lewises. An end of summer family BBQ American style.

Sunset Anniversary Style

A sunset photo I took the evening of our anniversary. The sun was setting quite uniquely in the West. Lots of cloud shapes and color.

Possible California Disaster

Bob and I lived down in Walnut Creek, CA for 20 years. We lived near the Sacramento River delta and would spend some time camping or visiting the area. I came across this article about how with a major earthquake and the right circumstances, the delta levees could break down bringing in sea water. The increase in salinity would for one be disastrous for the area. As with the dams further up near the Sierra Nevadas controlling the drinking water sources for Northern California, little has been done to improve the levee infrastructure. California could be sitting on a major disaster for the large population that lives in the state. Read more about this situation here.

David and Renee

A very nice photo was taken of David and Renee at the Meet Jesse party. I have to add it here.

State Fair

David, Renee and the boys went to the State Fair today. Wish we could have gone with them but too much work to still catch up on. It looks like Nicolas had fun with the Legos though.

American Dream

“Somebody left the American Dream in the toaster too long. It's now burnt to a crisp.”
― Joe Bageant

Some days it seems better to want to turn off the TV, stop reading the internet and papers. Hunker down for the nightmare of what American looks like anymore to pass.

42 Years

Today is a big 42 years for our marriage and an anniversary of the day two young people stood together at the Lutheran church on 5th St. here in Lebanon. Soulmates! Happy Anniversary, dear.
It was a quiet one of a couple of appointments, getting our TSA pre check applications submitted. A definite easier way to travel. Now we have to hope for our documents to come soon.
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