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Antietam Battlefield

Bob and I have visited the Antietam National Battlefield near Sharpsburg, MD. It was quite the experience driving along the points of interest and listening to the tour CD. We could get a great sense of the battle and loss of so many soldiers lives. I have different photos from the visit, one of my favorites is a view of Bloody Lane. I have used this photo as a screenshot backdrop for computers.
Here is some additional information about Antietam.

Known as the Battle of Sharpsburg in some Southern states, the Battle of Antietam marked the deadliest single day of combat in American history. Part of the Maryland Campaign, the battle was the first field army engagement to take place on Union soil in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War. It not only put an end to the first invasion into the North by the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, but also paved the way for Abraham Lincoln to issue the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.

IMG_20130508_0029 copy

Antietam Bloody Lane copy

Four Corners

There’s only one place in the U.S. where four states meet.
Want to try being in four places at once? Then get thee to the aptly named Four Corners Monument, which marks the intersection of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. It’s the only place in America where so many states converge, which is especially impressive given that there are 65 spots where three states meet.

Bob and I have been there when we made a trip up to Northern Arizona from the Monument Valley area and into Southern Utah. I guess you could say we stood in all four states at one time. They have a number of Native American merchandise stalls since the Navajo Nation maintains the site.

IMG_20130512_0071 copy
Vicki at Four Corners

IMG_20130512_0070 copy
Bob at Four Corners
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