Guns and Tyranny

So much focus has been recently on guns--whether we need more control and more laws doing so or whether we should hold to our rights under the Second Amendment. I am not a huge gun person, especially handguns. I am known in the family to want less of their use for protection of myself or others. Yet, I am concerned about our rights under the Constitution and the impact of losing them slowly or quickly. It is easy, unfortunately, to see how tyranny can take over. Many do not understand that it can happen and scoff at the possibility. I saw this blog article that showed how not only it can happen here, it has happened here in some form or another. The most recent example is the man who posted the YouTube video about Mohammed. They came for him at night and he is quickly in jail for probation violation. Not the usual suspect for quick incarceration according to those in the legal field, yet there he sits.
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