Crime and DNA

I didn't realize that transfer of DNA occurred at times so significantly that DNA could implicate and then allow conviction someone of a crime. It has likely happened and did almost again before this was found to be at times flawed and not infallible. Read about how DNA can implicate the innocent.

Crime: The Unabomber

An interesting piece about how a literature professor helped the FBI narrow down the suspects, catch and convict the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. True crime is an interesting read when it is kept to the the facts and not Hollywoodized.

Psychopaths In Movies

This fascinating article talks about how a group of psychiatrists viewed 400 movies to determine which characters were truly a psychopath in nature. Norman Bates is not it. Neither is Hannibal Lecter. A psychopath has a combination of cold-heartedness and violence. The number one character chosen was Anton Chigurh played by Javier Bardem in "No Country for Old Men". He was a chilling movie character.


A new book has just been published about Charles Manson. A review of the book and a bit of discussion about Charles Manson’s psyche and predatory behavior is covered in this New York Times Book Review. Certainly one of the scariest true crime books, “Helter Skelter”, is by Vincent Bugliosi who prosecuted Manson and his followers. It delves into the crazy and dark side of human nature, drugs, and insensibility of murder. To read the review, please check it out here.
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