Lost Ancient Ancestors

Some of our ancient ancestors from Europe vanished and were replaced overall by others. Why did this happen?

"The genetic turnover was likely the result of a rapidly changing climate, which the earlier inhabitants of Europe couldn't adapt to quickly enough, said the study's co-author, Cosimo Posth, an archaeogenetics doctoral candidate at the University of Tübingen in Germany.

The temperature change around that time was "enormous compared to the climactic changes that are happening in our century," Posth told Live Science. "You have to imagine that also the environment changed pretty drastically.""


A Big Baseball Card Find

David and Bob at times in their lives had a baseball card collection interest. Bob's mom, Dorothy, likely tossed out his cards and maybe some worth money………a Mickey Mantle card? Here is a story about one person who lucked out and found some very valuable Ty Cobb baseball cards which are the most desired in such collecting circles.


Since I like to read I came across this page listing a number of different interesting reads and authors currently. Some included some podcasts.

Well there is evidently a and here is the story behind it. One of the biggies, Microsoft, was behind this bit of trivia.
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