Happy Father's Day 2024

From the year 2017 and a return trip from Moscow, ID from niece Kimberly Thayer's wedding, we stopped at the Columbia Gorge Museum in The Dalles, OR to let the grandsons have a break from the car.

I took a photo of Bob as PaPa, and David (Nicolas, Ryan, and Jesse), along with Scott (later Dad to Vada and Victoria) at the entrance to the museum. Here is the collection of Dads in our family.


Off To The...

We are off on a 12 day trip to see the family and grandchildren in South Dakota. A bit of a reverse trek for our families who in part came from the area or places in the MidWest.

Now a fun fact about the Oregon Trail since I had both sides of my paternal grandmother's side of the family come on the Oregon Trail in 1844 and 1852.

"It’s often thought that the Oregon Trail was made easier by the covered wagons that have become synonymous with the grueling journey, but that’s only partially true. Those wagons weren’t actually for people, who walked most or all of the trail’s 2,000 miles from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon City, Oregon. They were for the supplies that hopeful settlers deemed necessary for the trek, pulled by mules and oxen. Indeed, people who were ferried by wagons had a habit of falling out as the vehicles didn’t have springs and thus bounced around a lot; some folks were even run over by other wagons or trampled by beasts of burden after falling. As for those walking, many of the children didn’t have shoes.
So while we often romanticize that months-long journey as being emblematic of the “American Dream” and westward expansion, it was above all else a brutal quest that many did not survive."

Axe Throwing

With Ryan's birthday and our trip to see them in South Dakota coming up, I had a soft-made axe throwing set from CostCo sent to them for outdoor fun. Hopefully it will get them out of the house and active. Also, it might develop some extra skills of strength, accuracy, and coordination. Here is a photo of the set out in their front yard today.
axe throwing

Ryan is 11

Our grandson, Ryan, is 11 today. I wish we could be there to help him celebrate his birthday. We did call and sing Happy Birthday to him, even if off-key. We have some nice gifts to send his way and bring on our trip to South Dakota. Of course, it is much more fun to share your party with your buddies from school.

Ryan is 11 and David

Our Girls

The girls, Vada and Victoria, wanted a picture a few days ago taken with Grandma and PaPa.
They were hamming it up for the picture. They are growing up fast.


Wildlife Quilt

I finished the Wildlife figures quilt started for Victoria. The image panels had eagles, deer (a buck), bear, owl, fox, and other images. It is quite colorful and was relatively easy to do (except for the binding which needed one side to be hand sewn). I'm not sure what will be my next quilt project. I will have to take a break to determine what is doable as I am getting busier with other tasks.

Christmas Quilts

I was able to give some of the quilts I have been working on to some of the grandkids. It is great to be able to see the final product and that they can enjoy and have these for the ages.
For Ryan and Jesse, the quilts are heavy enough to keep them covered and warm for those cold winter nights like today.
Ryan and Jesse asleep under their matching quilts.

Vada with her purple accented unicorn quilt.

Prime Apples

There is a lot of catching up to do on this blog with trips and lots to tell. It has been difficult to get time to sit down and focus on writing up information and sharing photos.
The girls love their fresh apples and our Honey Crisp apples are prime samples this year. Lots of them and so juicy to eat.

Vada is 5

We hurried home from our trip up to the North Cascades, highway pass country, and Central Washington State around Lake Chelan. Today is Vada's 5th birthday and she is feeling quite grown up. She got an Elsa watch for her birthday and is one of the coolest things ever to her. Watch now!

Party Birthday Party

We had a combined birthday party for the girls on the 27th. A number of their family friends from the Robbins Way neighborhood came to share presents and play on the playground structure. The playground and pool got a work out. The Yellowjackets made their presence known (got stung on the back of my right arm). The snack food was good and a wonderful time was had by all!

Two Eager Faces

We spent 5 days traveling down to Walnut Creek, CA to see Civic Feline Clinic for the 40th anniversary of the clinic's opening. We came home last Friday, the 25th. The next morning we were greeted with two smiley faces of two lovely granddaughters.

Boys At The Fair

The David Thayer family bunch went to the Brown County Fair (South Dakota) yesterday. From the pictures it looks like it was fun. School starts up again for them tomorrow. The photo in this post is of Ryan and Jesse (the two to the right) with one of their best friends. Miss them dearly.

Girls Going To A Wedding

Vada and Victoria like to dress up and act very stylish-girlish. They were caught on camera in funky colorful clothes while wearing their funky shaped sunglasses. It is in the attitude.Goingtoawedding

Our Own Little Space Alien

We stayed overnight at a Holiday Inn Express on May 4th in Bismarck, ND. A very neat and busy state capital city. It was a tiring day and we were looking for dinner close by. The recommendation was to eat at the Space Aliens Restaurant. They had figures of space creatures and aliens on the walls plus people serving in costume at times. As we left I had to buy Ryan a the-died T-shirt for his 10th birthday at the checkout counter.

Here is a photo of our own little space alien, Ryan. We love and miss him plus Jesse and Nicolas.

Ryan space alien small

Googley Girls

The girls just finished up another round of swim lessons this week. They are trying out their "Googley Glasses" as I call them.

Playground Structure Fun

Today got up to a record 91 degrees F. This was about the second or third at least 70 degree day so far in 2023. It has been a cool and wet spring so far. It felt wonderful to soak up some sun and heat for a change. We got the playground structure completed just in time for this nice weather. The girls already enjoy it.


Cat Rug Hooking

I am trying to catch up on various craft projects I have purchased and stashed over the years. One such kit was bought through Facebook and was an inexpensive rug hooking project of a tabby cat in a curled, laying position. The kitty image is much like the grand girls DSH cat named Spice. Vada encouraged me on to complete it with "When are you going to be done, Gramma?" Maybe since I had promised to give her this rug hooking for her own (and Victoria's) room.
Take a look at Vada and her spiced kitty rug.
The Spice cat look-a-like though she is not amewsed.

The Next Few Days

Later this afternoon we will be setting out for travel by plane and car we haven't done for almost 2.5 years. The pandemic has had its impact on seeing new places or getting together.
We will be flying through Seattle early tomorrow morning to Minneapolis then rent a car to drive to Aberdeen, SD. This allows us not to sit in an airport for hours with masks and we can then also see what the countryside looks like in western Minnesota and eastern South Dakota.
It will be so nice to see David, Renee, Nicolas, Ryan, and Jessie. A bunch of boy hugs will mean a lot to us. It will be hard to say how long before we will be back there again.

Cousins Together

Vada had her delayed second birthday party yesterday afternoon. She had four of her boy cousins including Ryan and Jesse. All the kids had fun together playing hide and seek. It was especially fun watching Vada open her presents and everyone test them out. One can see how much cousins can mean to each other with the three Thayer cousins in the backyard swing.


The Funky Cool Kid

One sweet little Princess named Vada is 2 years old today. She can wear the funky, cool look well. I made this my cover photo for Facebook. We couldn't celebrate today her birthday since it was work, work, work yet mainly because it is still terribly smoky and the air quality is awful outside. We will celebrate at a later date yet I'm sure she is celebrating all the time.


A Cornhusker

Our first batch of "Got To Have It" corn variety is available for eating. Here is one happy Ryan posing for the camera and eating on an ear of corn. Of course, it was to get to the real treat, being able to have ice cream.


When Papa and Vada Speak

Olisha caught a cute moment the other day where Vada and her Papa Bob were sharing while sitting on the stairs. Was Vada telling about the kitties upstairs or asking about picking corn? Maybe she just wanted to enjoy being at the farm or sharing some of her goldfish snacks… Whatever it was, it must have been interesting.


Watermelon Girl

I was able to capture this photo of Vada eating a watermelon piece offered by her Dad. She loves fruit and vegetables like her boy cousins. She is so cute with her baby bird look here.


Dressing Up Bigly

Lots of fun last week with watching Vada two nights of the week. She loves trying on big people's clothes, example PaPa's, to see if she can go out on the town. Check it out!

Vada-dress- up-8-3-20

Vada Posing

After so many weeks of being cautious and stay at home, stay away from others during the coronavirus pandemic, I finally got to babysit and spend time with Miss Vada at her house. She is an apple-loving, posing little girl who can be quite silly. It is fun right now to hit on grandma and then giggle or laugh. What fun! And Oh, to have two such cute pigtails in the mix too.

Vada posing 5-21-20
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