Scotch Whiskey

Scottish Whiskey Heritage

Scotland is set to open a several million pound museum to honor their illegal whiskey heritage. This will have a visitor centre. I would love to visit since we have been close to where this will be in the Cabach area in the northeast. We have been on the Whiskey Trail south of Inverness and along the eastern coast to different distilleries. Read about it here.

Single Malts

An interesting story about how they found rare bottles of scotch whiskey beneath the floor boards of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s expedition base. It is an interesting story about what they did with them.

Talk about whisky on ice: Three bottles of rare, 19th century Scotch found beneath the floor boards of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackelton's abandoned expedition base were returned to the polar continent Saturday after a distiller flew them to Scotland to recreate the long-lost recipe…..Bottled in 1898 after the blend was aged 15 years, the Mackinlay bottles were among three crates of Scotch and two of brandy buried beneath a basic hut Shackleton had used during his dramatic 1907 Nimrod excursion to the Antarctic. The expedition failed to reach the South Pole but set a record at the time for reaching the farthest southern latitude. Shackelton was knighted after his return to Great Britain.

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