Early Morning Moonset and Sunrise

This morning was the apex of the full "snow" moon of February while at the same time we had a colorful sunrise.
To the west:

To the east:

Ice World

We have been stuck at home for the past 4 days due to a weather event. With a small bit of snow mixed in, we started with ice pellets and/or freezing rain during that time. The trees are swaying and groaning. Some may fall at some point. We will start warming today, plus or minus another ice storm for this afternoon. We are on the edge of it happening here or maybe not.
Here is a photo of the world across from our deck to the mountains. One can see the iced up trees standing starkly. An Ice World.

Pointing North In Fog

Pointing North with the cat weather vane with fog in the background. The sky was blue and clear early in the day but the fog came in due to it is a cold day, temperature-wise.
New Year's Eve Tonight — Enjoy!

Brilliant Central Oregon Sunset

We were RVing at the Cascade Meadows RV park outside La Pine OR last week. The clouds were moving in for a cooler weekend on Friday evening, June 16th. I saw a red glow to the window of the 5th Wheeler to our north. It made me look out toward the west and Cascade Mountains. The sky was a brilliant red with some orange and yellow tones. It was as if on fire. Bob was able to get some images on his cell phone.

Sunset In Spring

We get the loveliest view of sunrises and sunsets here. The weather has been a mix of rain, hail, sleet, and sun through the days recently. I was able to catch this colorful sunset off to the West.
a spring sunset

The Hail You Say

This has been a colder, wetter, and snowier (in mountains) winter and spring so far. Not to many warmer, sunny days though when we do have them it is pleasurable. We recently had such a large pea-sized hail storm come through that I had to get a photo of how much the deck was covered with white.
hail on deck

Sun, Clouds, Snow and Trees

Another overnight snow storm though not as heavy as the last one. We did get some early morning sun peeping through the clouds to backlight the snowy Douglas Fir trees. It was a lovely sight to see and photograph!
Sun clouds snow trees small

Picture Postcard Scene

The snow yesterday offered me an opportunity to shoot some photos of the pristine snow early before it melted.

Here is a photo of a neighbor's home across the valley framed with snow covered maple and Douglas fir trees.
A picture postcard scene to me.

In the Still of the Morning Snow

After midnight today and through sunrise, we had our first snow of the winter season. The temperature was about freezing level and would warm up during the day to over 40 degrees F. The snow was not going to stick around long which is good since it is Valentine's Day and dinner beckons.
I was able to catch with my cell phone the yard lights shining on the snow. It looked like the 'still of the night' in an old time setting.

Downpour Rainbow At Library

I attended my first genealogical society meeting for Lebanon at the Lebanon Library. There were several people present, some new, who were older as myself. The topic presented was by one of the individuals in charge of the Linn County Historical Museum in Brownsville.

His presentation was on cemeteries, tiny small up to larger known. He visited all known cemeteries, wrote a description about the cemetery and had photos of the graves and setting. He sold a thumb drive that holds all this information for interested parties. Since my family are early pioneers in the county, I bought a thumb drive.

I am eager to view photos and info on Powell Berlin and Providence Cemeteries. My parents and maternal grandparents are buried at the Lebanon IOOF Cemetery which is the main one here in Lebanon.

As I was leaving post-meeting, a downpour of rain was happening at the library. As I got settled in my car, the rain clouds had moved north and left a full rainbow wrapping over the library (photo shown).


An Afternoon of Rainbows

We traveled down to Eugene on a recent Saturday afternoon to visit with Dr. Patricia Shea. We usually have lunch at Ta Ra Rin near Cat Care hospital. A good place for Thai food.

On the way home and after reaching home we were treated to some interesting displays of rainbows. One as we traveled up I-5 freeway with a peak through the clouds. The other was in the direction of Green Peter Mountain to the east.

Along Interstate 5 near exit 228 to Lebanon

Looking to the east and Green Peter Mtn.

Wind Storm

We woke up to a wind and rain storm that went through the PNW. Bob was to have outpatient surgery today at the local hospital. This was postponed to January 31 due to the hospital was only operating on generator power when we got there at 6:45 a.m. Our own power went out and we had generator power from about 10 a.m. to about 4:30 p.m. There was lots of debris from the trees on the roads, many small tree limbs. We went over to a friend's place where her Golden Chain tree had fallen across her driveway. Use of a chain saw in this area is a necessity.

Freezing Rain Ice Storm

A huge Arctic air weather system has been crossing the U.S. this week. Our area's part is to have a freezing rain/ice storm move through over night and planned for the rest of the morning. The sidewalks and roads are a shiny skating rink look to them. A day to stay quiet and at home as much as possible.
The view of Berlin Rd and its shiny ice glaze.

Sunset on Cloudy

May was pretty much a dry month for this area and June has been more wet (more rain inches) than average. We have had a lot of cloudy days and some with wind and thunderstorms. I did catch this intriguing sunset photo with color and clouds over the Berlin Ridge area. The sun was going down fast before I could make it on the back deck. I love how the Fire Station is muted in the foreground and the single trees stand out on the ridge. This can be a beautiful area to catch weather changes and how the countryside shows its imagery.


Brilliant Rainbow

I jumped out of the Subaru when Bob stopped across from the little barn and got this very bright colorful rainbow while going into town yesterday.


A Glaze of Ice

I woke up early in the morning while it was still dark outside. The yard light was on and just showed how the light glares off the slick ice. I hope it melts soon.


Snow and Ice in Berlin

We got about 2 inches plus snow overnight or early yesterday morning. Then on top of that with the cold, we got freezing rain too. My fountain is full of snow and an ice block.The gargoyle does not look happy.


Storm Clouds

We had a thunderstorm sneak up on us rather quickly, more in town, than out here in Berlin. I could look off the direction of town and see the storm clouds gathering and moving partly our way.


Rainbow Time after Storms

I was able to get some photos of the rainbows that came up when a thunder and rain storm moved through the valley around Las Vegas.

thunderstorm-Vegas-top 7-7-16
rainbow-vegas-bottom 7-7-16
The rainbow…


Thunderstorms in Vegas

While we were in Vegas, we had a number of thunderstorms that came during daytime, early evening daylight and also in the wee hours of the morning in the dark. I was able to get some pictures out our window of the weather. There was some reflection but still interesting.
thunderstorm-Vegas-top 7-7-16

Rainbow in the Eve

While we had the thunderstorms going on near the mountains the other night, there was a short wide rainbow that cropped up over the hills and mountains to the east.

Lovely Sunrsie

We had a striking sunrise this morning. I could not help but grab a photo. It really stood out!lovely-sunrise-2-9-16

Unexpected Snow

We woke up to a bit of unexpected snow on the ground. Not a lot but it was cold and there was white everywhere. We did have a break in the clouds and the sun came through to shine up our world.



Brrr It's Cold Outside

As we cleaned off the windshield of our Subaru to head into town and onto shopping in Albany, there was a bit of ice to remove. The weather has turned chillier overnight. So in respect to the cold, I did come across this article about how one feels when they begin to experience hypothermia and "freeze to death". Not something I would profoundly wish for.

Rainbow In Town

I stepped out of Scott's house to get some outdoor photos yesterday afternoon. The weather has been foggy, gray, and cold. We did have some sun breaks in part of the day along with some sprinkles. I found this rainbow at the end of Oak as I was looking back toward downtown Lebanon.


Rain Drops

I looked outside this morning and could see a lovely buildup of raindrops at the end of the birch tree branches outside our bedroom. I felt it made a lovely photo to snap and share. Here is one.

Snow Day

What to our amazement is that we had snow coming down here late morning. It did not stick but it made an interesting sight. This is not due to a dirty lens but are snowflakes.

Approaching Storm

There was a rain and wind storm approaching today from the South. The morning looked quite sunny and bright but that soon was to go away. Here is a great sunrise look at the approaching storm clouds.

Rain and Portland

Bob and I made a dark, rainy trip up to Portland tonight to attend a talk about veterinary practice purchases from Simmons and Associates. With the commute, it took about 45 minutes or so to go from the I-5 curves into downtown Portland. Yuck. The meeting was a good one and we felt had a lot of good information.

Wind and Rain

We finally seem to have broken the dry spell for once. Our county commissioners had declared Linn County a drought emergency. At least today we started with an almost autumn like storm with wind, gust up to 40-45 mph throughout the Valley and Portland area (more on the coast) followed by some rain storms.

111 Degrees

We went out to dinner tonight just after 5 pm. The Subaru thermometer read 103 degrees as we pulled up to the Schmizza Public House parking lot near BiMart. After dinner around 6:15 pm, we drove downtown the thermometer read 111 degrees as we drove on Park Street. Amazingly, it was at least 10 degrees cooler out in the Berlin area. Thankfully, we were hot but not baking hot.

Fire Prevention

Our Neighborhood Watch had a meeting tonight on Fire Prevention for here in the country where we have a lot of forest land around us. The weather has been very hot and dry lately. Chad Calderwood of ODF came and spoke to us. Good information and it seemed to go over well with the neighbors. Interesting thing is that they had to leave right after to deal with fires from lightning strikes with a storm just passing on the edge of us. I tried to get photos but no such luck.

Storms In The Distance

The weather has gotten increasingly hotter. We were supposed to have some clouds and mugginess on Sunday. It seems to have come in more this evening. I could see black clouds and sky to the SouthEast. I think storms were headed this way but then headed more north along the Cascades. At dusk the view East looked more like a sunset and it is not the right direction. A lot of thunderheads and pink sky (strange color).

Magic Rainbow

The dark clouds parted for awhile and the sun peeked out through a break illuminating the rain. Up popped a full rainbow which I was able to capture a picture with the IPad as it displayed against the mountains.

Wind Storm

Today we had the biggest windstorm that Oregon has had since in December 2006. We missed that one because we were in Chico visiting Bob’s cousin and husband. The wind then got up to 100 mph gusts. Not so bad yesterday but it was very blustery. We went to Eugene for some shopping and lunch. The outer doors to Macy’s kept blowing open and bringing with the wind a lot of leaves into the store. It was nice to get home so we could get away from the Suburu being buffeted along the road. Power went out for about an hour. I like storms but would have liked to be at the Oregon coast snuggled up next to a fire and watch the storm hit the coastline. That is lots of fun (unless one would be out in a boat). They had to evacuate the Port Orford harbor yesterday because the wind was so bad.

Off to New Orleans

Headed off early this morning to New Orleans for the Winn Feline Foundation annual meeting and Symposium. Our flight was through Houston on United. A day of thunderstorms. As our flight left the gate to taxi out in Houston, we had a thunderstorm pass right overhead. There was a one hour ground stop and delay taking off due to this. We arrived in New Orleans at the leading edge of a thunderstorm with lightning all around and over Lake Pontchartrain. A bit of a bumpy ride down and a fast, “hot” landing. Good to get into the Big Easy.


Tree Damage

I went out at the end of the snow and ice storm to document the tree damage around the house. The worst and most obvious are the 3 branches lost from the west side of the cherry tree. This tree is most likely older than me and maybe close to 100 years old. It can really produce great Bing Cherries. It is sad to see it damaged. It is majestic to me and provides a lot of shade to the house and that part of the garden. It acts as a corner piece of established garden in relationship to the house and garage. This photo is from the IPhone. I have others taken with the Nikon. I should get a view from the driveway since the damage is more striking.

Winter Storm Warning

Today the weather forecast and reality has been for the worst winter storm for this winter. It was quite blustery and was planned to be even more so over at the coast. I wish we could have been there. Gusts were up to 35-50 mph here in the valley. We did get one spell with really blustery winds and some thunder in the distance along with a big downpour. Lots of limbs and leaves everywhere. The power bounced on and off for the morning. I probably should have gotten a photo to demonstrate the gloom yet I guess all it would be is gloom. It is much more fun at the coast looking at the waves burst over the rocks and listen to the wind howl. Storm chasers!


With the new IPhone I have, I am trying to use the camera when possible just to test it out. I don’t think the quality is nearly as good as a camera. It does offer convenience to shoot when it is handier than having a camera. I got this photo as we traveled down the I-5 freeway coming back from Albany at sunset time. It was a gorgeous sunset with lots of red color over the mountains. It would have been nice to get a still photo though stopping along the road probably is not a good idea.........too many reckless drivers.

Clouds Move In

Weather changes can be interesting. A cloud cover moved in late this afternoon around dusk. It was a slow moving diagonal front coming from primarily the north. It was interesting to watch its slow movement and how it contrasted with the setting sun. I was able to capture a view of it with the IPhone camera.


Rainy Weather Again

One other surprise we had on the trip was how when we left the weather report was for a relatively nice weekend. Both Bob and I got notification alerts on our Apple devices about a major storm that was headed to Oregon for the weekend. We monitored the weather radar and it looked to be bad. We did miss a big wet, windy storm while gone. We lost an old apple tree that was older than I am in age. Loaded with tart apples that mostly the deer loved to eat. Still what a shame.

Unusual Weather

Today was full of calls and computer work. The weather started out hot this week and cooled some last night with rainclouds noted in the distance last night. Today is started cloudy and then warmed to be muggy and still at night. Some of the clouds are moving up from Northern California and cycling north. We have been seeing more of that lately. Here are some of the unusual clouds in the evening and sunsets.

tree-glow top-8-8-13



Lightning Strikes

Earlier in the day, about 1:30 to 2 a.m. we had a fairly fast moving thunderstorm move over the house and mountains to the east of us. One lightning strike seemed to start on our right, as we sat on the balcony, off the bedroom, from over the trees to along the hillsides and tops of Green Peter. It was followed by a really loud, rolling clap of thunder. If we had not already been awake and watching the spectacle, it would have roused us out of bed quickly. This morning is cloud covered, so we shall see how soon the sun and heat come back. I expected some storms as possible. It was 83 degrees when we went into the Pioneer Villa in Brownsville at 6 pm and it was 68 degrees outside when we left 2.5 hours later. A real temperature drop.


For one part of this afternoon, the rain came down so hard and long that it was like a huge bucket of water was poured over us. The wind helped blow the rain sideways and through an open window. It was a big rain cell and one I hope not to see again soon. So it is better to see some sun and hope for a rainbow with it.

Colorful Clouds

Last night as the sun was setting and the rain clouds were thinking of accumulating, I got this photo of color imprinted on a fluffy cloud above the Douglas Fir trees. It was a night of a colorful sunset.

Spring Weather

A cold front that is circling from Northeast to Southwest weather patterns is moving through today. Some waves of rain, hail, and wind. The day ended up last night with the sun setting brilliantly and exposing waves of mist and clouds. This picture is when the clouds got colorful near the end.

Houston, We Have a Problem

Heading out the door at 8 a.m. Most flights out of the Northeast were canceled and so any of our group from there had to stay home and attend by call. I had to get all the info gathered for the meeting I could since I would be the backup go-to person. I am glad I had a First Class upgrade for the flight segments on this trip. Just to make me feel better and less stressed. Houston, here I come.


Wow, a sunny day today. I may be catching up on items that need to be done for Winn and can start on personal management. Later on, we are going to the House of Noodles to eat a Valentine’s Dinner together.

Stormy Weather

The real blustery, stormy weather is starting this weekend. Tonight we have a high wind warning with sustained winds up to 40 mph and gusts almost to 60 mph with rain. This could mean some power loss or trees down around the area. Snow levels have been getting close and will again tomorrow night. Here is a photo from the other day with the first major snow on the mountains across from us. We did get a little sun peaking out. It is just a little of what we have seen of sunshine this month.

mountains-12 16-12

Major Storms

The East Coast is preparing for what is termed the Frankenstorm. This storm will have a resemblance to the Perfect Storm of 1991. It is a hurricane with a warm weather surge that meets a cold front coming from the West and North that will collide. They expect a huge surge of water to hit Long Island with lots of rain (flooding) and then snow inland. The barometric pressure drop is impressive from their models.
In anticipation of this problem, there have been a couple of interesting articles about preparing for major weather systems and also how to handle being stranded by weather or other problems when flying. Both of these pieces have good information to consider and are just a bit different from the usual discussions on how to prepare or deal with an emergency or life’s changes.
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