Signs Rejuvenated

Scott and Olisha found a number of older signs on the property from prior times. They cleaned up and refurbished them to where the signs look closer to new. They certainly stand out. Scott took a photo of the signs placed on the new garden fence and can be seen as people come up the driveway. Background on each sign:

Thayer Copper Sign - was given to me by a cat owning client in Walnut Creek, CA who came to see me at Civic Feline Clinic. The nameplate he said came from the C.A. Thayer sailing ship located in the Alameda harbor. He had done work on the ship and acquired the sign. He gave it to me and we have had it located on our front deck here on Berlin Rd. since the new house was built.

Lansberry-Wolfenbarger "The Bonanza"- was a sign that was made and bought at the Oregon State Fair. It was the name of our 1 acre property and cabin located on Day Rd. In LaPine OR. This was a special getaway spot for my parents and maternal grandparents who bought the property and built the cabin. There was a lot of hunting and fishing recreation in that area.

V.L. Thayer, DVM - was a sign made for my first location at Civic Dr. for Civic Feline Clinic in Walnut Creek CA. The practice is still operating though on Broadway Dr. in Walnut Creek. It was a profitable and still is growing, active cat practice. I am so proud of what I did and it has become.

Early Morning Moonset and Sunrise

This morning was the apex of the full "snow" moon of February while at the same time we had a colorful sunrise.
To the west:

To the east:

The Trees

Bob's long hoped for project of having our approximately 20 acres of Douglas Fir trees thinned to provide health and growth for the rest of the trees is finally done. Roughly 42 truckloads of trees were hauled from our property. It does look vastly different to look through the forest and see more daylight. Yet from a distance looking at the hillside at a slant, it still looks like before where there are still lots of trees. It took about 2 weeks for the loggers to do the work.
The following is a photo showing an edge of the log pile to be trucked away and how the forest looks as thinned.
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