Lofoten Islands

Norway Lofoten and Vowels

One place we have long wanted to visit in Norway are the Lofoten Islands. They are farther north than we have been and off the northern west coast. All the photos show a beautiful place to visit.

Here are some details about that part of Norway and their language where one town is known by one letter, A:
Pronounced like the "o" in "born," "Å" is one of eight vowels in the Norwegian alphabet. It's also an Old Norse word meaning "small river." Only about 150 people live in the village, which is known for both fishing and tourism. Interestingly, the Å in Lofoten is not the only Å in Norway. At least six other towns have the same name, but Lofoten's Å is the most popular, likely because of the scenery and climate of the islands. The weather is mild, the mountains are large, and in the summertime, you can experience days with up to 24 hours of sunlight.
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