Haunted Cemetery

Interesting story to pop up in a daily local news feed…
Could a cemetery here in Oregon truly be haunted or is it just a myth, superstition?

Among the many haunted places in Oregon, one stands out as particularly terrifying: the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. This cemetery, located in the small town of Lafayette, is said to be cursed by a vengeful witch who was hanged there in the late 1800s. Here is the story behind this haunted cemetery and why you should avoid it at all costs.
The Hanging of the Witch
According to legend, the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery is haunted by a woman who lost her life after being accused of being a witch. Apparently she wasn’t too happy about this, and stuck around to haunt the cemetery and the people of Lafayette. The witch part of the equation has since been debunked, but the clarification is just as gruesome.
he Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery is a place of horror and mystery, where the dead do not rest in peace. The story behind this haunted cemetery is terrifying, and so are the experiences of those who dare to visit it. If you are looking for a thrill, you might be tempted to explore this cemetery, but be warned: you might encounter more than you bargained for.
Story here.

Mt. Hood in Morning

We had an early drive up to Portland yesterday. We seem to be stuck in air stagnation and low clouds here yet it was clear skies from Salem north. It was the start of a pretty sunrise and I was able to take a photo with my phone camera out the window of Mt. Hood and the sunrise as we went down the freeway with traffic. A bit tricky yet quite worth it.

Boomers at Depoe Bay

A week ago today we were over at the Oregon Coast at Depoe Bay. The waves were coming in fast and hard at high tide. They were high boomers near the bay entrance. We ate at Tidal Raves for seafood which is on the north side of town near Arch Cape. The boomers were hitting the rocks we view from the restaurant. It is a beautiful spot to eat a meal and watch the ocean waves.

Brilliant Central Oregon Sunset

We were RVing at the Cascade Meadows RV park outside La Pine OR last week. The clouds were moving in for a cooler weekend on Friday evening, June 16th. I saw a red glow to the window of the 5th Wheeler to our north. It made me look out toward the west and Cascade Mountains. The sky was a brilliant red with some orange and yellow tones. It was as if on fire. Bob was able to get some images on his cell phone.

Newberry Volcano

Have you ever heard of the Newberry Volcano?
The shield-shaped stratovolcano is located about 20 miles south of Bend, Oregon, and is one of the largest and most hazardous active volcanoes in the United States.
It is designated as a “very high threat” volcano in a recent assessment by the U.S. Geological Survey, as are the Big Island volcanoes of Mauna Loa and KÄ«lauea.
Newberry Volcano has been active for more than 530,000 years, most recently 1,300 years ago.

Lava flows erupted at Newberry cover an area larger than Rhode Island. Powerful explosive eruptions sent volcanic ash into Idaho and the San Francisco Bay Area. A deep caldera indents its summit, hosting a flow of obsidian and thick beds of explosive pumice…
Newberry Volcano formed at the western end of the High Lava Plains, a broad volcanic region of basalt and rhyolite in southeastern Oregon that forms the northern sub-province of the extensional Basin and Range Province, best known in Nevada.
A link to the story is here.

Paulina Lake and caldera

Newberry caldera and lava flows

Settling at Suttle

I caught this photo while at Suttle Lake of a family enjoying the water, the view of the lake and time together.

Suttle Lake

Went over to Bend today to see our attorney for the Estate. On the way home, we stopped to eat at a picnic table at Suttle Lake. It was peaceful and beautiful as always.

Fort Hoskins

As we drove up the valley toward Kings Valley we saw signs directing us a short distance on another road to Fort Hoskins historical park. I had not heard of it. It was a spot where a small army fort was located in the mid-1800s to over see the Kalapuya and Luckiamute natives. There were at one time about 200-300 soldiers located there. It is a pretty area overlooking the river valley. Lots of blooming apple trees around. One homestead is still there.


As we ate at the Horseradish for lunch, one can see the set up inside the restaurant. They have music on Friday and Saturday nights. We had a lovely salmon and cream cheese with herb dip with chips. Yum. We also bought some really good cheese to take home, Humboldt Fog is among the best.



Out For A Drive

Having not done anything relaxing and fun plus today was a beautiful sunny day, we went for a drive through countryside we have not been before. West of Corvallis and in the Kings Valley area. The trip culminated in lunch at the Horseradish cafe in Carlton, OR. This is very much in the heart of Oregon wine country.
I did get a very nice photo of one of Oregon's covered bridges, the Ritner Creek bridge over Ritner Creek near Kings Valley.

Old Town in Detroit Lakebed

Bob and I went for a drive earlier across the foothills and mountains through Quartzville and over to Highway 22. Making the circle we went by Detroit Lake. It was obvious this was a dry year and the water level was very low. It got so low toward the end they found and old wagon and parts of the old Detroit town that used to be along the river before the dam was built and the area covered. More here.

Scott's New House

Scott took possession of his new house last night. Here is a picture of it from the street. It is 1565 W. Oak St. in Lebanon.

Rain and Portland

Bob and I made a dark, rainy trip up to Portland tonight to attend a talk about veterinary practice purchases from Simmons and Associates. With the commute, it took about 45 minutes or so to go from the I-5 curves into downtown Portland. Yuck. The meeting was a good one and we felt had a lot of good information.

Cougar Reservoir

Here is a view from a viewpoint near the top of the earthen dam of Cougar Reservoir. This is a pretty deep reservoir since the canyon for the river is quite deep, a long way down. No boating noticed so not a fishing lake though people did camp at certain areas near it.

Sunset Anniversary Style

A sunset photo I took the evening of our anniversary. The sun was setting quite uniquely in the West. Lots of cloud shapes and color.

State Fair

David, Renee and the boys went to the State Fair today. Wish we could have gone with them but too much work to still catch up on. It looks like Nicolas had fun with the Legos though.

Travelling to Bend

We made a trek over to Bend, Oregon to talk to an attorney on updating our Trust and will. We need to make it more relevant for Oregon Law than California plus surprising much has changed in about 15 years. Yes, Surprise! It was a smokey drive over due to the fires around the state and PNW. We did get a nice stop in Sisters at the bakery to buy cheese bread and other goodies.

Enjoying the Spread

The ballroom last night was set up for some very nice food selections from Jake's Grill in Portland. The room was set up very well, much like a relaxed "speakeasy" in some ways with Big Band type of music playing in the background. Sofas and tables around with lower lighting. It was fun. I liked the set up for the food. Much like Oregon in a way.

Portland Time

I spent the day today up in Portland at the Banfield Summit. I finally got an invitation to attend. It was quite a nice event and the topic this year was Design Thinking. A new way to problem solve. The evening function was a very nice networking set up in a ballroom of The Sentinel Hotel. One of my networking experiences was catching up with Joyce Briggs from ACCD. Here we are together.

Rhododendron Splendor

Our white rhododendron with slightly yellow highlights is looking spectacular as always. Here is a view of it in full bloom at the time of the party.

Going For A Drive

Headed over to Sisters, OR today with some side trips to a few spots along the way. This was a gloriously beautiful warm spring day. Many people were out traveling and enjoying the wonderful nature that is Oregon. Here is Mt. Washington standing loud and proud amongst the various Oregon Cascade mountains.


Quartzville Area

Bob just read the Albany Democrat Herald this morning. There is a public safety log entry for around 1:06 pm Sunday where someone called in finding a pile of bones with a baseball cap alongside at Milepost 3 Quartzville. Bob and I were driving in this area around that time, stopping to get photos. The photo here is from near that area, we have others that may be closer. Very strange and hope to find out more.

Still Snow

When we stopped at the Mt. Jefferson viewpoint, we were fairly high in elevation. There was still a small amount of snow in areas. Usually where the shade prevails and little sun enters the area. The nights are still cold. We are faced with some issues with dwindling snow and water sources in the mountains. The reservoirs have the look of a bombed out crater with some water.

Mt. Jefferson

We went for a drive today well up into the Cascades. We followed road 11 along Green Peter Reservoir and along the Yellowbottom area to where the road runs into Highway 22 near Marion Forks. It was a beautiful day full of sun and warmth. The day was crystal clear. So it was stunning to come around a curve and see such a view of Mt. Jefferson.

High Waters

A pineapple express came across the Pacific Ocean and also poured rain from the clouds over this weekend. The high water mark was supposed to occur on the South Santiam River this afternoon. We took a short ride down to the Waterloo area, especially the park to view the river. The river was rushing past high and fast. The water was swirling and eddying as it headed toward the small falls near the bridge. Here is an example of the river rising near the park.

Wave Mullet

One wave I got a photo of seems to be like a hair mullet or mohawk. Almost standing up like a curtain. The other wave portions are churning sand and making the wave colored brown. Interesting mix.

Rocks and Milk

How the waves foam over the rocks looks so cool, like foamy milk being poured over a dark surface. I love the patterns of how the water foams over the surface. This was taken with a telephoto lens down to the rocks at Depot Bay.

Bob Can Fly

Is Bob trying to mimic the seagulls that are close by on the Oregon beach near Lincoln City or is he just acting goofy for the camera? I will leave that for the viewer to decide…..


Wave Spouts

Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast has some of the most intriguing and spectacular waves that hit the rocks along the bay. One phenomenon is where the wave hits so hard and at the right angle that there are wave spouts that merge upward. Fun to watch. Here is one….

University of Oregon

Another article to stir the juices or maybe annoy a person greatly. Universities are becoming a mess. I tried to find the right description and mess seemed to be the best word. What is upsetting about this particular article is about the amount of money the University of Oregon’s student government has available a $15 million budget. Larger than some necessary departments for the city of Eugene. What a wasteful system and the students can’t seem to get along as it is. Maybe they all want to fight over the “pot” (of money and not marijuana).

Springtime Creeks

Here is another view of a creek flowing into the South Santiam River. The run-off from the snow and excess rain has been pretty heavy. The contrast of the water with the green moss on the rocks is striking.

Tree Moss

At this time of year due to the rain, one sees a lot of moss covering the trees, rocks, and fallen stumps. It becomes a very colorful green. I was able to capture this moss-covered tree at the edge of the South Santiam River.

South Santiam Area

We left for Bend Oregon yesterday, stayed overnight, and returned today. It snowed in the mountains and on the passes overnight. I could not stop well for pictures of the area though did get some with the camera phone. We did stop on the side wood bridge at Fernview Campground next to the South Santiam River. I got some wonderful colorful photos of a creek nearby and the trees and rocks at this time of year.

Portland Versus the Rest of Oregon

Surveys can often prove what you know in your “gut” to be true. So it is with the publicizing of a recent survey of Oregon residents. The survey compared the political views of Portlanders to the 3-county region and than the rest of the state of Oregon. It confirmed that Portland was quite a bit more liberal in views than the rest of Oregon. In fact, the rest of Oregonians are pretty moderate, middle-of-the-road people. Much like I remember the state being when I was growing up..........very much on the independent side, “go our own way”. Linn County is pretty much a red county in voting, right up next to blue counties of Benton and Lane. To read a bit more about what this state is really like politically, check it out here.

Happiness and Oregon

From what I am reading, Oregon is supposed to be measured on how “Happy” the current occupants are with their life and surroundings, not based on how much better they should be doing in these economic times. I guess it is a way for our current worthless politicians to be able to pacify the masses and skate by on platitudes. Other than a few bright spots probably up by Portland, the state is doing marginal at best. This area of the state certainly struggles to build and grow business and offer better jobs for those who live here. I guess we are supposed to sit back and smell the Douglas Fir scent and feel the rain on our faces as the way to glory in that Happiness. I think we could do that in the 1970s and still enjoy our state and be happier with a more solid economy. I guess to get a better understanding of what we are missing and don’t know it yet is found in this article.

Beach Dog Ball

Following up on the photo of the two dogs romping on the beach, I did get a photo of one of them running and playing with a yellow ball, much like the one Dervish has. It is fun to watch dogs have a great time at play. This was taken at the beach in the center part of Lincoln City.

Dogs Having Beach Fun

The beach near the D River and the Shearwater Inn seems to collect a lot of beach goers, animals, and kite flyers. I was able to catch a couple of dogs having fun running along the beach, into the waves, and playing catch with a yellow-green ball like our dogs. The dogs here enjoy their beach run, for some reason our dogs don’t seem to enjoy it like their romps in the trees and pastures here.

Morning Sun Breaks Over Ocean

Before we left the Shearwater Inn early this morning, there was a beautiful break in the clouds where the sun burst through to highlight the sky, ocean, and beach. I was able to snap some photos from the room balcony. Here is just one of the several photos I took of this sight.

The Splash of Oceans

We were off to the Oregon coast today for a getaway. Staying overnight at the Shearwater Inn in Lincoln City as a Super Bowl viewing treat. We spent a good portion of the day shopping and sightseeing along the coast. It was a fairly nice day with some beach sun. When I was not taking pictures, Bob went and got a good photo of a wave splashing at the outlook tip near Boiler Bay. Nice colors and swirls to the wave as it pounded against the rocks. We saw a lot more wave action this trip than one month ago.

Short Excursion

Bob and I took a short excursion to Springfield and Eugene to look for other possible leased space in the I-5 corridor. We did find a few likely spots to investigate for other options and farther away from downtown Eugene. The most likely is in the Gateway area which is growing in business to a fair degree.

Early Morning

We had to get up before 3 a.m. in San Antonio to catch the flight home. We had pretty smooth sailing along the way through Salt Lake and landed about 9:30 a.m. Home about 1 p.m. It is amazing how travel can wear a person out in trying to get unpacked and details finished up.

Cat and Kittens Rocks

A short way south of our motel in Bandon was a nice beach with several rocks farther out in the surf off the beach. One cluster of rock formations are called the Cat and Kittens Rocks. Since they brought to mind the love of cats, I had to get a picture of the grouping.
Cat and Kittens Rocks, Bandon

Sunset Bay

There is a small bay west of Coos Bay that is called Sunset Bay. It is a frequently photographed place since it is a spectacular spot for sunset viewing. It is also a pleasant spot for picnicking, beach walking, water sport, and fun at the coast. At least, on a sunny warm day such as this one was for us.
Bob observing the scenery.


Beach Play

One of the fun things for children at the Coast is to play in the sand and water. I caught a couple of boys enjoying their activities. The younger wanted to play in the sand; the older preferred to build log structures. The later activity was a struggle and he was never able to place one log up into the fork of another log.

Coastal Symbiosis

After several visits to the various western states coastal sites, I don’t think I have seen such a gathering of seal types in one location like I did near Cape Arago and Sunset Bay west of Coos Bay, Oregon. It was amazingly noisy with all the “barking” that they do. Interspersed with the different types of seals are birds, such as pelicans. They seem to be at ease with each other and Mother Nature as the ocean waves break over the rocks they share.

Pier Pilings

There are a number of interesting compositions along the river shores near the Coast. It makes it hard to pick which is the best of the bunch. It is just fun to play around with what is there. Here are some Coquille River pilings that look like sentinels at watch, protecting the near by shore from invaders.

Cape Arago and Coos Bay

On this day we headed north to Coos Bay to see the area west of that town and visit the state parks, beaches, and the lighthouse there. It was another warm day with sun. How spectacular can that be! We found the community west of North Bend very depressed economically with many abandoned buildings. The state parks and beaches were not crowded and were lovely to visit. Great to come back to with the rest of the family.
Cape Arago Lighthouse

40th Anniversary

Today is our 40th anniversary. What a milestone and miracle. I remember worrying about making our 25th due to concerns about my health. We did it. It started a beautiful morning with the sun shining brightly in Bandon. What a perfect day for photography! Here is my earlier morning photos of the Coquille Lighthouse with the sun from the east highlighting it.
Coquille Lighthouse at Bandon

Bandon to Brookings

We had not spent any time on the Southwest Oregon Coast so that was our trip this holiday. We got into Bandon at about 9 pm last night in the midst of coastal fog, mist, and rain. We had a nice motel lined up by Table Rock. Our room was spacious and comfortable, called the Anniversary Room. Lovely, bright red and gold furnishings.
After a nice breakfast, we headed south to make Brookings, the last town on the Oregon coast before California. One highlight was stopping at the oldest lighthouse in Oregon, built in 1870, called Cape Blanco. The day before this, the weather had been foggy and misty. One could not see the lighthouse from the gate area below. The Langlois (pronounced Lang-less) and Hughes families were keepers for the lighthouse. They raised families there in bad weather and isolation.
Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Color and Irrigation

More from that amazing sight of orange and blueish purple fields planted side-by-side. Bob got a nicely composed shot of one of the fields through an irrigation wheel. Good job!

Colorful Fields

Great day of visiting with my friend, Marybeth. Bob and I had a nice lunch with her at a Vancouver Korean restaurant. Nice tasting and spicy food. It was with sadness that we had to leave Vancouver to drive home and not be able to spend more time with her. We could spend days chatting and have talked about taking photography classes at some point. It was a hot and early evening sun to drive home in. We got some really nice photos of local field crops and their color posed against each other.

How We Talk

A number of years ago when we lived in Walnut Creek CA, we went shopping at a local grocery store for a few items. At the checkout counter, we put the items on the conveyor belt and as they were being scanned I commented to Bob about getting pop. The young clerk at the counter was surprised and wondered what I was referring to. He knew it as soda. He asked me if I was from elsewhere like the MidWest. No, I am not though some of my family roots are from Nebraska.
It is interesting how people will say words differently from what you personally will do. Friends from Illinois would say “Sol-mon” for Salmon (S-al plus mun). Or hambooger for hamburger. We are just different. If you want to know how different and what those differences are, here is an article on the different dialects found around the United States.

Rural America

An interesting article today on how rural America covers a large part of the United States yet they are becoming less and less relevant to government and the political arena. The larger cities and major government centers have control of the message and numbers. Rural Americans have to live at the whim and decisions of the metropolitan regions.
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