Yellowstone National Park

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A recent article on special sights to visit included Yellowstone Falls. The photo that I took when we visited in May 2023 was taken from Artist's Point. It is clear why this viewpoint is so named since the photo looks more like a painting than a photo. It is lovely!
Info about the Falls follows:
"Rushing through the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Yellowstone Falls is actually two enormous waterfalls connected by the Yellowstone River, traveling downstream from Yellowstone Lake. This waterfall is known for being festooned in rainbows, reaching across the cascades like banners in the mist. Uncle Tom’s Point is the best way to see the falls up close but Artist Point offers a picture-perfect view of the falls from down the gorge, framed in the very golden rock that gave Yellowstone its name."


Yellowstone Colorful Geyser

We recently visited Yellowstone National Park. I had never been close and I was eager to see what was there. The park has many, many geysers and is actually a super volcano. The following is a description of a super volcano status of Yellowstone and a photo of one of the more colorful sights not far from Old Faithful Inn.

Hot spots and geysers represent just a fraction of the action beneath the surface at Yellowstone. The whole park is actually a supervolcano, although it's not supposed to erupt anytime soon. But, how do we know this? Despite the warnings, Yellowstone is quite safe: Its supervolcano is made up of two magma chambers. The first chamber contains no more than 15% molten. Meanwhile, the second chamber contains only two percent molten. Yellowstone optical middle geyser
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