Nicolas and Bob the Builder

Nicolas is ready to go out for Halloween trick or treating in his Bob the Builder costume. He built his own mailbox.

Scott and Halloween

Get the fashion police out and after Scott what with wearing this outfit around Halloween.


Red Robin Party

The Lewis clan and the older Thayers got together with David's crew to celebrate David's birthday at Red Robin (two days late). It was a raucous and boisterous bunch for lunch.

Ryan Loves His Fruit

Ryan loves to eat strawberries and most any kind of fruit. Here he is trying to get the strawberries from David's fruit drink at the Red Robin birthday party.

Jesse's Ready

Jesse's ready for his Daddy's birthday with a big smile.

A Unique Library

I came across this column about the library of Guillermo del Toro's home. He has wax figures of Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. It is a very unique and cozy library that looks like a Sherlock Holmes type library. An overview about this can be found on Ace of Spades here.

Board Meeting Day

Winn had its October board meeting today. Time-wise we got done in a good bit of time at just over 2 hours. These are very draining sessions and it is hard to get anything else done though we did make it to Costco too later on.

Off Road Music

Bob found a webpage that offered some playlists of music when driving around Prince Edward Island. Now that is what I call an interesting and fun bit to explore here.

Digitally Archiving Union Telegrams

Work is being done to bring thousands of telegrams from the Union side of the Civil War into the digital age. More about the work here.

<<Today we use our digital devices to text, tweet, and email, but during the Civil War, telegrams were deployed to do things like request artillery or even to say “We have met with a serious disaster.” Now, a new project is bringing thousands of telegrams that carried information between Union officers, Abraham Lincoln, and his cabinet into the digital age.>>
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