Jesse and Dervish

Ryan and Jesse came to stay with us for a good portion of the afternoon and evening. Jesse is fascinated by Dervish and wants to pet and kiss him all the time. Dervish is such a good dog with it all. Here is a close kiss.

Lessons Learned From Our Dog

Today was a bit of a mix. We had to leave mid-morning to drive up to Tualatin for me to spend 6 hours at the Cat Adoption Team strategic planning session. It was a good session and Marla McGeorge's house on the Tualatin River was lovely. A shame it was cooler today with some rain.
In the meantime, a little humor must fall so here are some illustrations on the lessons we can learn from our dogs.

Dog Shelter

Bob had to assist as a CERT member over at the Linn County Dog Control shelter for a Family Day. There were a couple of dogs they had that we could have been interested in. I believe they went to other homes which is best. We want to make a more deliberative decision if we can to add another dog as a pet.


Bob and I had to do one of the hardest things last evening in saying goodbye to an old friend. Also, one of the hardest things to do as a veterinarian to be the person who has to make that goodbye happen. We said Goodbye to our old dog, Blackadder. He came to us as a stray roaming the countryside looking for friends and we didn't want harm to come to him, so he was ours. Over the years, one of his favorite things to do was to go with Bob on the tractor, sitting on his feet. When that got too hard, he rode in the trailer behind (photos from last December). Goodbye old friend, the family will greatly miss you.

From better days out in McDowell Creek…….

Doggie Transport

Adder enjoys his rides around the farm property when he can ride on the tractor or be hauled in the back of one of our trailers. Here he is waiting to follow the tractor another day.

Story of Arthur the Dog

Time to read one of the most heart warming stories you might ever come across. This has to be the luckiest and most determined dog you could ever find. That determination though (and desperation) is what allowed Arthur to be a lucky dog. Along with kind-hearted people.Tough enough to live in Ecuador trying to find a meal, even harder to keep up with an extreme sports team in the Amazon. Read about Arthur here.

A Dog's Life

While running errands around town I noticed a couple of lazy, comfortable pooches on the back end of a truck. One dog was curious and watching his surroundings, the other one took time to curl up and take it easy on top of a tire. Oh, the dog’s life it is.

Abandoning Military Canines

It is very upsetting to read that a number of the military canines have been abandoned to shelters overseas instead of being brought home. This is not right. The dogs have been trained by us and many have saved soldiers’ lives. They deserve better treatment from this country and more should be done to bring them home to homes here when they retire. Read about it here.

Tug of War

Ryan was having fun tonight and almost 15 months old he is getting pretty playful. He enjoys a bit of silliness. David caught him in this picture having a back and forth tug-of-war with Dervish’s frisbee toy. I understand it was quite hilarious to watch.

Babies, dogs and balls

Our dog, Dervish, loves his ball. He loves chasing his ball, especially if thrown by a family member. Dogs also seem to think that if someone has the ball, it is meant to be shared, to be thrown. Ryan thinks the ball is for chewing with his new teeth. Both believe the ball then is meant for their use though sharing can occur. One can see from the following picture how this can be done.

Sleeping Dervish

The dogs go along with Bob as he works in the woods. They play in the trees and try to race the tractor home, especially Dervish. This is hard work for dogs and it catches up to them like it does us. Just see this picture from last night with Dervish sleeping below our feet. It is a dog’s life.

Beach Dog Ball

Following up on the photo of the two dogs romping on the beach, I did get a photo of one of them running and playing with a yellow ball, much like the one Dervish has. It is fun to watch dogs have a great time at play. This was taken at the beach in the center part of Lincoln City.

Dogs Having Beach Fun

The beach near the D River and the Shearwater Inn seems to collect a lot of beach goers, animals, and kite flyers. I was able to catch a couple of dogs having fun running along the beach, into the waves, and playing catch with a yellow-green ball like our dogs. The dogs here enjoy their beach run, for some reason our dogs don’t seem to enjoy it like their romps in the trees and pastures here.


Off to spend time in Costco to buy replacements for home electronics that seem to quit on their own. I wonder what is next to break down since it is always in 3s. Well, at least I will put a good photo of Bob with Dervish in this spot.


Right around one year ago, a black lab was running loose on Berlin Rd. A person could hear the car horns blare as people would honk as they dodged this frightened dog. He was unneutered and had a poor hair coat. Bob was fortunate to finally catch him and rescue him from car dodge ball. Dervish lucked out and has come to be a fixture in the household. He likes his food, his ball, his walks, and his time indoors snuggled up against the recliner. One can see what a dog’s life is like at this house by viewing Dervish on our cushy front porch chair.

Doggie Driver

Stopping in Colfax WA as we set out to leave the Palouse Hills, this canine (doggie) driver seemed to be settled in to say “Goodbye” to the Thayers. I hope he shares the controls with his owners or it will be a “dog fight”. I hope the owner of this vehicle can “CoExist” with this dog.

Dog Wants a Kitty

How can you not have a good smile on your face when a goofy dog “speaks” about how he is looking forward to adopting a kitty? This video was very cleverly put together and I salute their creativity!

Dogs and Tractors

I found in one of my computer photos this picture of Black Adder riding in the John Deere riding mower trailer following along behind Bob. One of this dog’s favorite things to do in this world and one of the fun things in life to watch.

New Additions

During the first week of June, we got a call from my cousin across the road asking if our dog, Adder, was loose. They had a black Lab-type dog in their yard. We could see him from our bedroom window. Over the next 36 hours, we kept seeing this same dog running up and down Berlin Rd. He was frantic and would not allow us to come close. We could hear buses and trucks honking at him along the road. Eventually, Bob and another neighbor got him to approach and they could put a leash on him. Over the following two weeks, he fit into our family and was neutered, licensed, vaccinated, and microchipped. His name is “Whirling Dervish”, “Dervish” for short, since he was so active and panicked when he joined us. Welcome to the family,“Dervish”.

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