Snow Moon February 24

The full moon for February will fall on February 24th, early in the morning. The February full moon is called the Snow Moon. Why?
Native Americans in South Dakota called the moon as such since February would often get more snow than other winter months.
Also, Eleven months in the calendar year have at least one full moon—and sometimes even two—occurring in the same month. February is the one oddball exception to that rule. For as we know, it’s the shortest month of the year and, even more oddly, sports an extra day on leap years.Thus, very rarely, just once every 19 years, there will be no full moons in February. One will appear right before and one right after, but the full moon will slip right by February itself, continuing along its tour of the calendar year like nothing happened. This happenstance is what’s called a “dark moon.” The last dark moon was in February 2018. We will not see another until 2037.
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