New Year's Day 2024 and Wildlife

Happy New Year for 2024! The deer and the turkeys are enjoying the opening day.

Elk and Corn

Bob and I had a big surprise this morning when we drove on our driveway past his garden. The elk had moved through over night and had a field day eating corn stalks and corn. Even squash plants. The driveway was disturbed and big hoof prints in the dirt. The following photo is an example.

Big Rack Up Close

The bucks come out in daylight to show off too.

elk-horns 8-5-16

Face Forward

At least a 4 point buck giving us a full on face forward view.
4-point-buck 8-9-16

A Fawn

It is the season to see a number of fawns around the area. We have some on our place. Sadly a number end up hit by cars and dead alongside the road.

A Big Set of Horns

Some have to get into the picture at night time, especially with a big rack of horns.

Elk Photo Bomb

Then we had an elk photo bomb the camera. "Ready for my close up Mr. Demille".

Turkey's Head

The trail camera picks up some interesting photos. We had a turkey photo bomb at the bottom on one picture.
turkey-head 8-2-16

Unusual Toxic Animals

We often know which snakes and other animals are deadly if they bite humans or other animals. I came across this article about some lesser known animals that have toxic qualities.

Our Elk Herd

Look at that rack of horns on this bull elk from the elk herd who visit our property. Impressive!


A New Species

Shows how little I know and keep up with currently and in the past. It appears the wolf and coyote have mixed their genes and there is a species called the "coy wolf". The species is spreading in the Eastern U.S. A description of the animal is found here.

Don't You Like My Profile

The trail camera is taking nighttime shots again. Though we got daytime ones too of the local deer. We had hoped for the elk since they went back that way. No such luck. We did get one miss who likes her profile.

Nice Rack

The camera card showed a number of deer photos again. We have a buck out there with a nice rack of horns and another young buck with just nubs showing up around.
Here is the older buck.

Doe and Fawns

The trail camera memory card was brought to the house for the latest round of pictures.
Here is one of a local doe and her two fawns (hiding in the grass).

A Buck A Day

The trail camera caught this great photo of an older buck on a sunlit day. His rack of antlers seem to frame the picture well.



Elk at Night

The trail camera captured a few night time photos again. This time it was a cow elk again moving past the camera. Here is a picture of one of our local herd.

Adult Elk

The cow elk came through the camera zone just before the calf. Here is an example of a well fed elk from our nearby herd.

Elk Calf

We got the memory card from the trail camera. Unbelievably, we had 246 photos on it and almost all were just of the area in front of the camera with no wildlife. Must have been set off by wind or a moving branch near by caused by wind. How disappointing.
We did get some elk photos, one of a younger calf. It looks like a pony here.


Deer Posing

Our local deer herd, one of the poseurs……..

Turkey In The Act

Even our wild turkeys like to get in the act around the camera. Surprising it is just one and not the flock which wanders around the area. There are lots of them.

Closer Elk Viewing

Here is another view of the elk as they try to get a better look at the camera area.

The Elk

We looked at the trail camera memory card today and there was a lot of activity on the card………..deer, a turkey, and part of the elk herd went by. See one of the photos.

Elk in the Neighborhood

Got a night shot of a recent cow elk moving through our property and triggered the Trail Camera.cow-elk-4-19-15

A Cougar on the Loose

We also had a cougar venture through almost 24 hours after the elk did. Stalking a potential kill?

Ready For The Closeup

We captured some more photos from our Trail Camera of the local deer herd. One seemed to be saying, "Ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMIlle".ready-closeup-4-6-15

Elk Viewing

The weather has been beautiful lately, sunny and warmer days, for Oregon this time of year. We could see our local herd of elk out sunning themselves yesterday afternoon in one of the grass fields across the way. It is close to a small creek draw with trees that they can hide in when they need it without being bothered by people. We hope they will come up our way and cross in front of the trail camera. Wouldn't that be neat?
So here we have the elk will often cross the roadway next to our little barn (seen on the home page). Would having elk crossing signs help? We have deer crossing signs down near one curve where the deer are known to frequently travel. They do seem to take similar paths as they travel. But do the deer crossing signs help? See if so here.

Coyote Checking It Out

Here is another photo from the trail camera's photos from the last group of pictures. In this one the coyote is sniffing around where the three deer had been 20 minutes before. He is checking on his prey I would assume.

Coyote picture

A two week check on our trail camera. No night shots this time, only day photos with some deer and one coyote who is following the deer track. Interesting photo.
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