Vikings in America

We know through an archeological dig on the northern tip of Newfoundland that the Vikings had a settlement in North America. How far did they travel in the Western Hemisphere? Could it have reached as far as Central America?

"The most credible claim – that the Vikings reached North America around the year 1000 – deserves more attention. It arose in the 19th century, following the publication of C C Rafn’s Antiquitates Americanae (1837), which proposed that the place the Icelandic sagas called Vinland (meaning ‘vine land&rsquoWinking was located somewhere near Cape Cod in Massachusetts, or the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. (The Vinland Sagas refers to two different orally transmitted sagas about these early voyages: Erik the Red’s saga was written down shortly after 1264, and the Greenlanders’ saga was copied into a collection of different materials in 1387.)"

More information can be found here.

Viking DNA Shows Diversity

In a recent article and using modern Science, researchers are finding that not all Vikings were Scandanavian. The genetic picture is more complex than expected.

"The so-called Viking Age begins with the earliest record of a Viking raid, dated to 800 A.D. The age lasted through the 1050s. During that time, Vikings raided monasteries and coastal cities, but also engaged in less violent activities, trading fur, tusks and seal fat.
Researchers knew the Vikings altered the political and economic landscape of Europe. In the 11th century, a Viking, Cnut the Great, ascended to the thrown of the North Sea Empire, comprising Denmark, England and Norway. But until now, researchers weren't really sure what the Vikings looked like, genetically speaking."

One can learn more about this research

Cousins Together

Vada had her delayed second birthday party yesterday afternoon. She had four of her boy cousins including Ryan and Jesse. All the kids had fun together playing hide and seek. It was especially fun watching Vada open her presents and everyone test them out. One can see how much cousins can mean to each other with the three Thayer cousins in the backyard swing.


Oregon People

The smoke finally cleared away with the rain early Friday. Today is a sunny, relatively warm day, without smoke.
Too many of our fellow Oregonians lost their homes and businesses in the different fires. Many of the people in the small towns in Oregon are the heart and soul of community.

Many came to help their fellow neighbors as fires threatened.

The lovely rain that poured on our ground 2 days ago that settled the smoke and ash.


Fire Status

There are big fires all around us and other areas in western Oregon. We are not threatened with evacuation at this time yet so many have lost their homes, some horrifically their lives. Heart-breaking news. One of the closest to us and threatening the home of friends of ours out in Holley is the Holiday Farm fire. It is extended from the south where it started along the Willamette River and such communities as Vida and Blue River have been lost. This article does show how the area is dealing with this threat.

The Funky Cool Kid

One sweet little Princess named Vada is 2 years old today. She can wear the funky, cool look well. I made this my cover photo for Facebook. We couldn't celebrate today her birthday since it was work, work, work yet mainly because it is still terribly smoky and the air quality is awful outside. We will celebrate at a later date yet I'm sure she is celebrating all the time.


Heat, Wind, Fires and Smoke

Last night we had the start of serious, once in a generation weather conditions. Higher heat over the Labor Day weekend with very low humidity. Due to a cold front dropping down into Colorado and Plains pushing the hot air west and creating strong, hot east winds out of the Cascades, we have had bad fires spring up all over western Oregon. The power was out last night due to limbs blown on power lines. Debris was blown all over the yard and decks. What a mess and extremely serious "red flag" conditions.

Here is a picture of the sky with all the red smoke taken just before dark.

heat-and-smoke 09-8-20


Wyatt Earp

One movie I enjoy watching over and over is Tombstone. The lead is Kurt Russell yet the star of the show is Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday. It was an acting virtuoso performance. Kurt Russell though portrayed Wyatt Earp who was a character in his own right.

Here is a review of two books outlining Wyatt Earp's life.

He’s been portrayed by more actors than any American president — Walter Huston, Henry Fonda, Burt Lancaster, Hugh O’Brian, James Stewart, James Garner, Kurt Russell, and Kevin Costner, to name just a few. But the only years Hollywood has taken notice of are those spent in the cow towns of Wichita and Dodge City, Kansas, and the silver mining camp, Tombstone, Arizona. What happened over that brief span has engendered enough books to fill a small library.

The theme song for the 1950s Wyatt Earp TV series declared: "Long may his story be told.".>>


A Cornhusker

Our first batch of "Got To Have It" corn variety is available for eating. Here is one happy Ryan posing for the camera and eating on an ear of corn. Of course, it was to get to the real treat, being able to have ice cream.


When Papa and Vada Speak

Olisha caught a cute moment the other day where Vada and her Papa Bob were sharing while sitting on the stairs. Was Vada telling about the kitties upstairs or asking about picking corn? Maybe she just wanted to enjoy being at the farm or sharing some of her goldfish snacks… Whatever it was, it must have been interesting.

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